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Betty Crockers: 1935

Betty Crockers: 1935

Bethesda, Maryland. "Cooking class, Chevy Chase High School, 1935." 5x7 safety negative, National Photo Company Collection. View full size.


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During 1981-84 when I was in grad school in Pittsburgh new Bendix wringer washers could be bought in local appliance shops. Of course Pittsburgh used to be a place where steel was made.

B-CC: Bethesda Chevy Chase

I went to B-CC High School..

they have upgraded the home ec facilities since then

New Wringer

Wringer Washer for sale.

Yours for only $899, plus shipping and freight. Made in Saudi Arabia.

Wringer Washer

Just who sells Wringer Washers today? I've never seen any at Sears or other appliance stores.

My mom thought it'd eat her too!

My grandmother used a wringer washer till she died, which was just last year.

Yes, they still sell them; she had to buy a new one just a few years ago!


It will get better someday, ladies, I promise. There are microwaves on the horizon, steam irons, smooth cooktops, food processors, and top loading six-cycle washers to look forward to.

Ironrite ?

It looks Like an Ironrite ironing machine to me.

[Apex. - Dave]


In England, the two wringers on a washing machine were called a mangle, but in America the two-roller ironing machine took the same name.

Through the Wringer

We had one in the basement of the house my parents rented in about 1974. My sister and brothers told me it would suck my hand in and eat me if I got too close.

Wringer Washer

I remember those when I was a little boy in the early 60's..... yes, they were still around then.

What's that machine?

What's the woman on the right with her back towards us doing? Electric towel dryer? Dough Presser? And is the machine on the far right a clothes washer or dish washer? It WOULD take a woman from the 1930's to explain these things to me!

[Electric ironer and wringer washer. - Dave]

Wish I'd been more domestic

For someone who spends all her time and money on things to make her home beautiful, I'm sure one terrible homemaker. My mother hated the PTA (cult for the passionless) and 1950s fashion (for the repressed). And loved people like Gloria Steinem. My sis and I could've learned a thing or two from this Home Ec crew. Love it. This whole site is a treasure.


I've read comments before about how modern some people look in older pictures. I must say, almost all of these girls, given a change of clothes, I could see at the mall today.

Actually, what IS with their dresses? They're so similar but not exact...


Future Homemakers of the Damned -- they are so not impressed with getting their picture taken.

Serious Business

These are so no-nonsense cooks at work!

The Stove

Can you zoom in on the stove brand at all? I just find this photo fascinating.

[The one on the left is an "Insulated Glenwood" gas range. The wringer washer and mangle ironer are Apex brand. - Dave]

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