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Regular Lubrication: 1942

Regular Lubrication: 1942

February 1942. "Something the matter with your wringer? It probably needs a few drops of oil. Regular lubrication by your repair man assures smooth functioning of the mechanism. If you attempt to do the job yourself, you may find the family wash oiled." View full size. Medium-format negative by Ann Rosener, OWI.


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The Fark contest for this picture.

Silver Certificate

It appears to be a Silver Certificate as well! No, can't be a tip. May cover the entire repair.

Very Stylish...

Love the pinstripe dress and white collar -- tres cooool!

Service Plan

To: Anonymous Tipster on Wed, 06/18/2008 - 7:41pm
Brilliant! Take a bow.

Welcome to 1942, where....

all repairmen have 27-inch waists.

Pretty Wife

I want to touch her apron.

Foy Blackmon
Las Vefas

Nice Belt

My Dad gave me one of his ranger belts when I was a kid, very much like the man is wearing. I still have it.

Is that a folded up dollar bill in her pocket? A dollar would be too much for a tip back then, wouldn't it, so maybe it's more than a buck and it's for his fee.

A tip?

What's that in her pocket, a folded dollar bill? At first I thought maybe it was to tip the repairman, but a dollar probably would have been a pretty extravagant tip in 1942!

Service Plan

Personally, I've found that a 50-50 mix of do-it-yourself and regular service by the repairman keeps the ol' mechanism in tip-top condition.

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