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The Holiday Shop

The Holiday Shop

The Holiday Shop record and camera store in the Roeland Park Shopping Center in Roeland Park, Kansas. We saw the music section last week. View full size.

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VM wish list

ME TOO ! I still have my VM christmas wish list. There is no better feeling that to receive a new - old pack of viewmaster reels from the mail. Or maybe a VM projector ,pretty much anything VM. You know bought fresh off of e-bay.
I love this web site that has flickering old stereo cards. You might enjoy it too!
I have been to this store before, but as a child I was not impressed by it.

This site has my three of my four favorite subjects in one site, history, 3D, and dead people to pray for. (I am Catholic). Food is my forth favorite subject. Never mind that though!

The Holiday Shop

This photo is jogging my memory. The place looks familiar. I think I've been there. I live in the same county. My parents would take me places that are only a fuzzy memory now. I would prefer for these places to be torn down and replaced with much more efficient glass in front and better insulation. It helps us all in the long run. I do tire of the buildings (Walmart etc.) all looking the same from county to county, state to state, much like a Flintstones background that just keeps repeating.

Working In A Goldfish Bowl

I used to own a similar shop, although not the same product line. Working in there when it was dark outside was the creepiest thing. Knowing everyone could see you inside while when you tried to look back out all you could see was your own reflection.

The Quality

of the photograph is amazing. The shadow and light. What a beautiful store, wish I could visit to buy my holiday camera.

5121 Johnson Dr.

I was thinking it was located at 5121 Johnson Dr. in Roeland Park Kansas.
I used to live in Roeland Park, but of course it was many years after
this store would have closed. Below is the google maps link complete with
street view. What you are looking at is a demolished mall on the south side of the road.

I'd be happy in the Holiday Shop

...even though it's much smaller than I expected! The photos high up on the wall make sense now - they're advertisements for Ansco film. I wonder if this shop carried View-Master viewers and reels, which were often sold in camera stores. I'll have to get my V-M want list in order before I pay a visit.

Everything about this place fascinates me. What is the item in the glass case (below the Playtime records display) that looks like a small television?

Another Time

Gone are the days when a modest inventory and decent service was enough.

People today are less likely to say, "I had an Ansco ReadyFlash. Not a great camera, but about all we had 'round here that I could afford."

Bad Medicine

Assuming this place was at 5121 Roe Blvd, Roeland Park, Kansas ... it is now the site of yet another CVS Pharmacy. Right behind it is another Wal Mart. What a waste.

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