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Joy Ride: 1924

Joy Ride: 1924

I am the owner of the above image, Joy Ride: 1924. It was among my father's personal photographs. Needless to say, I was disturbed to find it posted publicly at
I know that SHORPY would not sell my upoaded image and wonder if anyone can tell me how I can get this site ( to remove it.

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1913 IH

Beautiful International Harvester! I believe it's a 1913. Very rare nowadays.

More swooning

Oh yeah Jen, the guy in the white tee is a cutie!

HERE HERE [Hear, Hear]


[Very quietly, would someone please call 911? - Dave]

Less sarcasm, more swooning

OK - we get it - the people who "read" this site are not the brightest or most likely to "read" before "talking"...

Can we now shift to talk of how handsome these boys are? cjhardy, please do give details of your father - how many hearts did he break and is he (or his friend) in fact wearing Chucks? I think I have a crush!

Reverse Psychology

On the other hand, these obtuse comments have been screened at the admin level and passed through to the published comments. They could have been just as easily not passed through. So, perhaps our favorite photo site leader is just having a bit of fun with them. Verily, such fun can be playfully delicious, as well, for the regular visitors.

Hmmm...wonder if this comment will itself pass the gatekeeper? I'd give it a 15 to 1 long shot. That's been about my rate so far. And a quite reasonable and understandable rate of rejection actually, given my proclivity toward sarcasm and occasional buffoonery.

Reply to Fakee

I truly wish some of these people making comments would spend some time at Reading 101 and peruse previous remarks before they feel the need to open their mouths and insert foot. Dave, how do you stay sober?

[Shober? Who's (urp) Shober? - Dave]


Did somebody come to think that if the car were moving the camera wouldn't have been able to take such a nice still pic?. This is 1924.

[As noted in the previous comments, it's pretty obvious that the car (truck) is not moving. - Dave]

Joy Ride 1924

Wow, the first documented use of "run flat" tires?

A rough ride with those wagon wheels

But at least they have a full size spare!

Guy in the middle

The guy in the middle looks like a young Sean Penn, doesn't he?

She's So Fine, My 409

I could just imagine this car, here in NYC, speeding(?) along our wonderfully congested roads of potholes and would be bad...very bad.

Joy Ride the Movie

Watch as these three friends drive cross country in a battered farm truck loaded with experimental explosives - wanted by gangs, the mob, the law and the military. Starring Emilio Estevez, Sean Penn and Nicholas Cage. Vehicles by Navistar.

0 to 15

These guys look like they are getting ready for the 15 mph thrill of their lives.


By the look of the dirt on either side of the front wheels I'd say the "driver" was turning the steering wheel back and forth. That would have taken real strength, too.

What hams!

Love the hammy nature of this shot. Also giggling at the state of the front right wheel. And what's this I see... a right hand drive in an American shot? When did left hand drive come in in the US?

[Steering wheels were on either side in the early part of the century. - Dave]

Cheap Thrills

What a great photo to have in your family! This image resonates on so many levels: the fascination of young men with autos; their daredevil nature because they feel invincible; and the vibrancy of youth. My grandfather used to say there's no controlling young men once they've smelled gasoline and tasted lipstick.

Room for one more?

I'd love to go along for a ride with these guys.


I think the guy on the right is wearing Chuck Taylor All-Stars (first produced in 1917).

Early Hybrid

this must be one of the early transitional wagon/automobile hybrids. what a great thing!

[It's an International Harvester truck. - Dave]

Going Nowhere Fast

These boys don't really seem to be moving, do they.


If this photo is not in the Library of Congress collection, it should be!


Someone apparently can't hold a straight face while he "plays car"; the chap in the wife-beater is really getting into it! Judging from his shoulders, arms and his shoes, he's an athlete, he must have been a real heartbreaker!

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