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Only the Best: 1920

Only the Best: 1920

"Peoples Drug Store, exterior, 1107 G Street N.W." People's Drug No. 7 in Washington, D.C., circa 1920. View full size. National Photo glass negative.


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Always with the kisses

Someone wondered if the Hershey's Liberty Bell Kisses were the same product as today's Kisses. Answer: Yep. I worked for Hershey for 10 years and always marveled at the various wrapping machines, including the one that twisted the foil just so while the "Hershey's" tiny tissue banner was being installed. Why Liberty Bells, you ask? Consider the era, post World War One. Note the "Made in Chocolate Town" on the boxes. Incidentally, Mr. Hershey, who was long gone by the time I got there, did not advertise for years but it was said that if he saw a Hershey Bar wrapper on the sidewalk, he'd turn it over with the toe of his shoe if the Hershey name was not visible.

Photographic Films

It seems to me in more recent times stores advertise FILM for your camera rather than FILMS-- even though they surely carry more than one type. But my mother (age 83) has lately taken to saying "I only have one roll of films left," which sounds odd to me. (The product, in bulk, doesn't really need an S, so why should a single roll get one from her?) Then there was a story from another side of my family (southeastern Kentucky) that it was tricky for out-of-state shutterbugs to get resupplied, if they weren't pronouncing "fee-yum" correctly.

Re: Hot and Cold

They still sell those shower attachments, but you have to go to a real hardware store to find one (not one of those big box "home centers.") They also come in a size to attach to a sink faucet.

They're very handy to have, especially if you need to bathe a pet.

The doormat...

anyone else notice that the word 'DRUGS' on the floor mat is not properly angled? Either that word was added to this photo after it was taken, or the word is on the mat in a distorted perspective so that, when viewed from out front, it reads straight up and down....

VERY peculiar.

[What's peculiar is how people can look without seeing. The shape is a trapezoid, which you can tell by looking at the vertical rows. Click below to enlarge. - Dave]

Shadows Inside

How can you give us a lovely picture like this and not do a second picture cropped and electronically enhanced for the indoor lighting? My old eyes are straining to see the customers.

Waiting for Buster

This shot reminds me of a still from a silent comedy. The girl inside is waiting for Buster Keaton or Charlie Chase to show up for a soda with her.

Tatting & Crochet

Yeah! I've finally spotted some tatting and/or crochet yarn on the far right side of this pic. Tatting has been around for severl hundred years, but I've never seen any in the stores on Shorpy so far. Thanks!

Door Lock

I love the detail that shows up with glass negatives on the full size view. Notice the simple slide door lock on the right hand door. Compared to a drug store today where they have multiple locks and other security devices.

Liberty Bells

Hershey's chocolate Liberty Bells? Are those now Hershey's Chocolate Kisses?

Hot and Cold

Hand-held shower attachments for the tub must have been a hot item at this time. A number of models and price ranges. The lady looks like she has had a tough day and is waiting for a refreshing cherry phosphate, or perhaps a raspberry soda as advertised on the far right, or some other fountain treat.

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