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California Ramblers: 1967

California Ramblers: 1967

Summer 1967. Just think how much more exciting this shot of my mother, father and brother enjoying a Kodachrome vista of the Sierra Nevada would be if, instead of our sedate 1966 Rambler, we had a red 1960 Chevy wagon. View full size.

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A fine line indeed...

Thanks, Older than Yoda, I'm glad you and others are getting a bang out of the stuff I've been submitting, but I do want to reiterate that many of the photos were taken by my brother; in fact, he's slightly ahead at this point, 41 to 35. And yes, I certainly do acknowledge my parents' policy of... I think benign bewilderment would be the best way to put it.

Tterrace, Child Genius

I don't mean to get personal but I find it absolutely miraculous that even as a youngster, you took all these hundreds of INCREDIBLE photos, which are now stirring great memories in all the Shorpy fans. How wonderful of your parents to provide the encouragement, equipment and money, as well as the self-confidence required, to cultivate their budding genius photographer. These pictures are as real as it gets, EVERYONE can identify with them, they cannot be "fabricated" and they strike a nostalgic chord in anyone who lived in those days. I find these even more realistic than looking through old magazines as it is obvious they are candid shots and you were a genuine American family. We cannot thank you enough for sharing your wonderful photos, please keep on taking pictures and know that you have a natural gift as a photographer to convey familiarity in your shots. Nothing short of amazing.

The Human GPS

You're absolutely on the beam, A. Tipster, that was indeed taken on our 1967 Sequoia/Kings Canyon camping trip. I also know exactly what you mean by feeling that Santa Barbara marks the beginning of Southern California. Other Rambler points: yes, it's a Rambler Classic Cross Country. We had to get after-market A/C, though. Can't remember why we're missing a rear wheel cover.


That looks more like Sequoia Natl Park or Kings Canyon, than Yosemite. Any chance you remember where you were?

And, T, those socks with the sandals are a dead giveaway for your NoCal roots. In those days, being SoCal meant never wearing socks with sandals. Except perhaps for the way, way inlanders from places like Berdoo and Riverside. You may have noticed that distinction on your Knottsberry Farm trip. Even may have thought no socks were gross. While SoCals thought it was gross TO wear socks with sandals. Just another playful contrast between the two states within a state. You ever figure out the dividing line go south from Larkspur? From the south going north on the coast, I always thought of Santa Barbara as the last SoCal frontier outpost. Just felt different once you passed Goleta, Isla Vista, and UCSB. Inland? Probably Magic Mountain these days. Kind of strange that you never hear the word CenCal. It's like a DMZ, or a purgatory. Just kidding, all you CenCals. I lived in Merced for a year, and Santa Maria for two, so I have an official CenCal tour of duty insignia.


That's a Rambler Classic. The Rambler American had rectangular taillights with rounded corners.



Oh, I rather prefer the Rambler to the red Chevy.


We had one just like that, except it was two-tone bronze and tan with an interior to match.

Dad bought AMC cars from 1960 until they were no longer available, one reason being that they all came with air conditioning standard. That's pretty important in Texas. We had made a trip from home in East Texas to Amarillo and back in a 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 sedan -- in August! -- and Dad swore never again.


Oh, but your Rambler

Oh, but your Rambler American 440 wagon is lovely!

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