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Dormitory: 1911

"Young man in dormitory room." More baseball cards. Our cadet/orderly/cook has calendars for 1910 and 1911 on the wall, and a crest for the Quartermaster Corps on the bed. Thanks to Kurt for suggesting this photo. View full size. National Photo Company Collection glass negative, Library of Congress.

"Young man in dormitory room." More baseball cards. Our cadet/orderly/cook has calendars for 1910 and 1911 on the wall, and a crest for the Quartermaster Corps on the bed. Thanks to Kurt for suggesting this photo. View full size. National Photo Company Collection glass negative, Library of Congress.


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i am entranced

This is truly a fine and complex room. It radiates the personality of the occupant. Though he doesn't smile, his relaxed pose shows a humor that comes through in his eyes. The hands are clean and held in a "just ask me" clasp of slight composure. The ladies on the wall compete
with the ballplayers. As was a sign of the times. Influenza was out and about, as were malaria and encephalitis. Mosquito nets were a necessity everywhere.

My only big question is: Can you tell me about the 3rd large postcard or picture on the left?' It looks like Coronado Island of San Diego. I am sure I am wrong. Thanks for the excellent work on this Dave. It gave me introspection for my day of calamity (so far).

Burning Down the House

It just occurred to me that this fellow looks like David Byrne of Talking Heads.

This is a dorm room for sure...

Girls on the wall, sports figures and not a book to be seen.


"I love my wife, no more kids"
"I like this town, I'll buy it for you."
"We had a rompin' good time."


The cards behind his head look like mostly t206 white border. I see Josh Devore, Hal Chase, Red Ames, Ed Foster, Doc White, Christy Mathewson, Heinie Berger...

Positive ID?

OK, I think I got the one T 205 I couldn't before (bottom card in the vertical set of three farthest right). I believe it is Thomas J. Needham, Chicago Cubs. Other possibilities are Harry McIntyre, Chicago Cubs, or Ed Konetchy, St. Louis Cardinals.

Cards Cont'd

Most of the cards to the left of this fellow are T 205 gold border cards, published by the American Tobacco Company in 1911. The complete 208 card set can be seen here --

The one leaning on the can is not Ty Cobb but Albert Bridwell, NY Giants --

I can ID most of the gold border cards. Starting below the post card with the dogs, to the left of the calendar, the three portraits are (top-bottom) Owen Wilson, Pittsburgh Pirates; John J. McGraw, NY Giants; and Arthur Devlin, NY Giants.

Directly to the right, the four cards are (L-R) Larry Doyle, NY Giants; G. C. Ferguson, Boston Rustlers; Frank L. Chance, Chicago Cubs; and William A. Foxen, Chicago Cubs.

Farther right, three cards vertically (top-bottom) Arthur Fletcher, NY Giants; Charles E. "Gabby" Street, Washington Senators; the bottom one I have not been able to ID.

The five in full view to the right of the 'Ty Cobb' can (L-R) Christy Mathewson, NY Giants; Robert Ewing, Philadelphia Phillies; George Gibson, Pittsburgh Pirates; Frank L. Chance, Chicago Cubs; and Tony Smith, Brooklyn Superbas.

That is all. Someone else do the rest!

Christy Mathewson

A 1911 Christy Mathewson card is in the row above the whisk broom, 5th card from the right.


That's Ty Cobb leaning on the can by the pole at the right.

Card ID

Third card to the right of his left ear is 1909-1911 Chicago White Sox Doc White. From upper right, two down, four over is Frank Chance, Chicago Cubs, published by American Tobacco Company 1909-1911.

Dorm Guy

I think the mosquito net is interesting. Tropical climes maybe. Like everybody else, I would really like that baseball card collection.

The Middle Shelf

It looks as though the middle shelf of his desk has more of the postcards that he's papered his wall with. Based on the size of his pocket watch (on the next lower shelf) those shelves aren't very wide. There looks to be more Baseball cards on the shelf above.

I'm not sure if that's a toothbrush below the tooth powder cans. Somehow the size of the head looks to be too large - as large as his pocket watch.

Note the whisk broom on his table; just the thing for brushing off a uniform. There are so many details about this picture that make you want to know more.National Photo suggests the Washington D.C. area; the decoration suggests permanent residence; the fact that it's not a large barracks room but rather just two beds in a small room suggests either a junior officer or an NCO (which his apparent age would argue against) but his clothing suggests something lower. Even the emblem of the Quartermasters Department (before 1912) on the bed doesn't tell us bis branch of the Army. Wouldn't equipment such as this, issued by the Department be marked in a obvious way to prevent theft?

And if you don't smile?

Guess our friend is not-so-manly.

This IS an awesome post, Dave. Are those records in the middle shelf of his desk? I can't decide if that's what it is or just some papers/books.

[On the wall: "If you're a man, smile! If you're a dog, wag your tail." - Dave]


The toothbrush looks rather well worn. Interesting containers for the toothpaste and powder.

If You're a Man, Smile!

What's on the wall. Click the image to zoom, then click a second time to expand.

Sugar Daddy

Seen on the wall: I like this town. I think I'll buy it for you.

Too funny!

Collegiate Slob

Evidently his RA never told him where the laundry room was. What, was he picking watermelons? Playing baseball?

Back in the olden days, they called it a mirror. - Dave

You're crackin' me up, man.


The thing that struck me immediately was the modesty of our cadet's pictures of ladies. And yet, there they are, up on the wall for him to sigh over.

Hey Jude

Does this fellow remind you of Jude Law the actor? Great picture at many levels.

QM Corps

The crest on the bed appears to be the insignia of the Quartermaster Corps: sword and key on a wheel, topped with an eagle. GI bed.

Kittens of Doom?

The postcard in the top row, seventh over looks like it could be a Harry W. Frees picture of the "Kittens of Doom." Being pulled in a cart by what looks to me like a chicken? I am probably way off.

Cool picture though, we plastered our dorm room walls with tons of stuff too. Almost 90 years later...

Mosquito netting

When was the last time you slept with netting on your bed? This was a time when we still had outbreaks of Malaria and yellow fever in this country.

This is an amazing photo.

This is an amazing photo. Can anyone identify any of the players on any the baseball cards? This picture belongs in the collection of the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown!

Baseball cards!

It's too early for the Babe, but there could be a Ty Cobb rookie card on that wall. Either way I'd give my left arm for those cards!

Tiny Fridge

That shiny object next to his elbow resembles a tiny refridgerator. the guy looks like a medical intern/student.

[Back in the olden days, they called it a mirror. - Dave]

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