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Yin and Yang: 1928

1928 or 1929. Production workers at the huge Atwater Kent radio factory in Philadelphia. View full size. National Photo Company Collection glass negative.

1928 or 1929. Production workers at the huge Atwater Kent radio factory in Philadelphia. View full size. National Photo Company Collection glass negative.


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I'll Bet

If Velma and Daphne were to go out together on a Friday night, all the boys would initially fly over to Daphne, quickly be bored to tears by her and spend the rest of the night buying drinks for Velma, who would keep them entertained with clever jokes and bawdy songs.

Quick to judge...

I find it funny to read comments that rush to the defense of the woman in the George Burns glasses - it's like people feel sorry for her or something. For all we know, she may have been a terrible person named Hildur, and been the office pariah. Or perhaps she was a saint in disguise. Who knows?

Most of the time we have absolutely no idea what these people were like - but it's certainly fun to try and fill in the blanks!

Anyhow, I think the woman in the center of the image is very beautiful with that gorgeous skin and the hint of a smile.

Judy In Disguise

I guess I'll just take your glasses.


The girl wearing the eyeglasses may or may not appear as attractive, but she does look smarter.

Miss Yin, Miss Yang

1) To: The Gentlemen who are able to see beyond the cover, your comments lightened my heart. From: A good, old ugly book.

2) To further support the yin and yang, I borrowed from Wikpedia:

The concept of yin and yang describes two opposing and, at the same time, complementary (completing) aspects of any one phenomenon, object or process.

Yin -- shady place, north slope, south bank (river);

Yang -- sunny place, south slope, north bank (river), sunshine";

From me, you can't have one without the other.

Milk and water

The so called good-looking one looks insipid to me, milk and water. The plain girl looks like she has a bit of life in her. Anyway, glasses make anyone look less attractive.

Just so you know

Old "Dave" is quite a joker as he himself added the diagram of the internal organs to my lowly comments, just to spice things up. It reminds me of the cuts of meat diagrams at the butchers with the chuck roast, kidneys, round steak, etc. Thank you Dave for always being witty and a sport. I really am addicted to Shorpy in case you didn't notice. Live long and prosper.

Beautiful on the inside

No, the nose does not come off with the glasses, but being the oldest living person on the planet, I would bet my life that the less comely girl on the right was a loyal and devoted friend and a family-loving faithful relative to her loved ones. Yes, we all believe that a "pretty" exterior means that the interior matches the pleasing countenance. I can verify that such is not always the case. The homeliest woman I ever met was also the most wonderful, caring, giving and trusted woman I ever met. Do not judge a book by its cover.

Dustin Hoffman

He was doing Tootsie way back in the 20's?

The one with glasses...

is very cute.


I find it hilarious that someone called you David- like a mother calling her child's first AND middle name when they break a window or something...

Anyway- I don't find it harsh at all, there was no inference that one is better than the other. As stated, some prefer Velma to Daphne!

I still vote for Yin, though!


I would LOVE to have that necklace that woman is wearing.

Yin and Yang

A bit harsh David. I'm disappointed.

["Harsh"? - Dave]

Where's Scoob?

I've always preferred Velma to Daphne.

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