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Kodachrome Crowd: 1958

How to dress for Knott's Berry Farm, California, on a gray day in February 1958. One of my sister's honeymoon Kodachromes. View full size.

How to dress for Knott's Berry Farm, California, on a gray day in February 1958. One of my sister's honeymoon Kodachromes. View full size.

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Vehicle Trends redux

Yet, the stroller manufacturers are still making the rear axle a trip zone for fathers' toes. Fifty years ago and that father is pushing the stroller the same way my husband pushes our Graco. Some pricier models and jogging strollers have extended handles that eliminate the toe-scuff/tripping problem.

Do you think that baby's bottle is glass? I have to tether anything I let my son carry, whether he's in the stroller or on my back.

Interracial Couple

I noticed that couple right away, and felt certain the man must be Filipino, but he could be Hispanic. The miscegenation laws were declared unconstitutional in 1948 (my Filipino grandfather and white grandmother had to go out of California to marry in 1939). I wonder what their lives were like. At times it's confusing to be biracial in 2008; it must have been so much more so fifty years ago.

Ah, 1958

I, too, was 10 in 1958 and we traveled from Minneapolis to LA to visit Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm. I looked for myself in these but that would be too much of a coincidence ... but you never know! Love the innocence of the time!


It's fun seeing the old Knott's Berry Farm before it got all smarty-pants to compete with Disneyland and Magic Mountain. As a kid I enjoyed the train ride, the haunted shack that seemed to defy gravity, and the old codger sitting in the outhouse, who somehow knew your name when you looked through the window. And a lot of the little girls were still wearing dresses.

Vehicle trends

This shot also brings to mind the inverse relationship between the sizes of automobiles and those of baby strollers over the past 50 years.

Many a Sunday afternoon

On many a Sunday afternoon my family went to Knott's. No fence, no gate and no admission fee. In 1958 I was 10 and I have carefully examined the photo looking for myself, but I am not to be found. It is interesting that the mixed-race family is attracting attention from those on the left of the photo. Today no one would even see them.

We did all dress nicely back then, didn't we!

Master of the Obvious (#1)

Let me be the first in line to point out the white lady and black or Hispanic man and their kids.

"Hey, there's a white lady with a black or Hispanic man. And they have kids!"

[Isn't it interesting how tterrace's title for this post works on several levels. - Dave]

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