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Christmas Special: 1962

Christmas Special: 1962

It's December 1962 and family and friends have gathered for a near-Christmas dinner. I've just gotten my first 35mm camera, a Kodak Retinette, and with the help of my trusty Kodak Master Photoguide, manage to ace this Kodachrome bounce-flash exposure. That's me, age 16, strategically positioned in front of my father, who's still in his supermarket work garb, so it's obviously not Christmas day. Next to me in front are Aunt Grace and Uncle Jack, my mother's oldest brother. At the time I probably thought his shirt/tie combo was corny, but now I love it. Mother's on the left looking pleased, perhaps because the serendipitous arrival of identical cards made for a pleasing symmetry in her card tree on the wall. In back, my brother and our friends Colleen and Bob. Bob had been my brother's Cal Poly college mate, and later lived with us a bit before marrying Colleen. View full size.

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I knew I'd seen him somewhere before!

When I first looked at this photo it jogged a memory -- terrace's brother looked familiar.

I racked my (66years old) memory banks and then it hit me; that pose was taken from the cover of an edition of the Saturday Evening Post published in 1960 - two years previously.

I gotta kill that boy . . .

TTerrace, looks like your dad had the same profession as the dad of good old Dobie Gillis. The old man's favorite comment was always, "I gotta kill that boy, I just gotta." To which Dobie's dear mom, Winnie (hey, your mom also looks like Dobie Gillis's mom!) always said, "Now Herbert."

Don't tell me there was a Zelda Gilroy in your life, also!
My old next door neighbor at that time (I'm also a year younger than you) had a thing about Madonna Christmas cards. Looks like your mom did, too.

Finally, I still have two of my old ultra skinny neckties from 1962 to 1964. Hated them for many years, now I'm glad I still have them. But your uncle's tie totally tops them. It kinda goes with his weather battered face.

And now, years later...

Of the people in the photograph, who is still alive and well in 2011?

Happy Holidays, TTerrace, and to all the Shorpy team and fans

These pages (Shorpy generally, and TTerrace's contributions in particular), please me so much. Best wishes to all.

Christmas Special 1962

Thanks for posting this, full of your sweet memories

Made me smile!

Just like looking at one of my family pix. What a pleasing photo! I intend to wear a dashing bowtie and think kind regards of the tterrace family and the Shorpy group for the holidays. Merry Happy!

Back in the day

Tterrace, once again thank you for another lovely glimpse into the past. You are just about a year older than I and you have all these great photographic memories of your family. Somewhere, out there some one has photos of mine, but it sure isn't me. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Sir. (Love that skinny tie.)

Just long enough

Mom seems happy to sit down just long enough for a quick photo. The apron tells us she will be scurrying back to the kitchen shortly to finish dinner, or perhaps get ready to serve dessert. What was on the Christmas menu?

Dad is a fashion independent, with his sporty bow tie, while you have on the thinnest tie I have ever seen.

What a wonderful picture; your photos make us think we know you well!

Uncle Albert

Your older brother looks just like Uncle Albert. Amazing. Keep bringing the photos. They're great.


I found this shot so totally captivating. I can't figure out why but there is something about it that just holds you there in that moment...

Those glasses....just fabulous!

Your mum's glasses would be right at home in Dame Edna's handbag, tterrace.

You were 16 in 1962 - I was also 16 (17 in November of that year) and, although we were separated by the Pacific Ocean, I can assure you that my wardrobe was identical.

The button-down collars, the ultra-narrow ties, and even your brother's baby-pink shirt.....all had their equivalents here.

There is even a link with your father, as my dad managed a co-operative general store and also wore bow-ties to work....I have an original of his, still in its little plastic box.

What a great photo this brings back fond memories.

Thank you, and Dave, for sharing these.

tterrace ttwins tthrough ttime

Tterrace, you may not know it but you have an almost exact doppelganger in Cincinnati. One of my co-workers looks just like you in this 1962 picture. Also, you both look like the young man in the 1912 Boy Scout image.

This is the fifth image on Shorpy's of historical "clones" of people I work with. I don't just mean looking similar to one in the picture but rather having people mistake historical images for PhotoShopped imagery.

To me, looking for and finding friends and co-workers adds to the joy of Shorpy's.

Tterrace, Merry Christmas to you and your family and a heartfelt "Happy Holidays" to all on Shorpy's!

Everybody's happy EXCEPT....

... your too cool bro, who found the whole corny "family photo" thing disdainful (just get it over with). I love your mom's humanity and Mona Lisa smile, she was a perfect mom. This is a wonderful picture but the most unique thing I find is that your brother can stand with a swagger, expressing his silent thoughts to get on with more serious and profound activities. Tterrace, you have great riches that money cannot buy. Merry Christmas to you and yours and many thanks for stirring our souls. And a million thanks to Shorpy for their amazing website.

Lovely portrait

Bob looks like he's trying to keep from cracking up. Aunt Grace looks like she's got a witty comment ready to unleash. There's a lot of character in Uncle Jack's smile.

Thanks, tterrace!

Love that grin!

Tterrace's lopsided grin is absolutely charming.

Merry Christmas to you all, and thanks for the memories.

From All of Us ...

... To All of You. This would make a nice Christmas card.

Dad needs

A phone book to sit on. Or a shorter son. He knew those vitamins were a mistake.

Glad to meet you!

This is what I love about the member gallery -- We get to know your family and look back on its past the same way we look back on our own!

I can see you're so proud of where you came from in life. Everyone who uploads to Shorpy seems so very proud.

I got a little bit of time on the Frontier tonight, so I have much to upload.... After finals tomorrow!

The thin black line

Wow, tterrace, could your tie be any skinnier? You're quite the 1962 fashion plate.

tterrace, Thanks for sharing

tterrace, Thanks for sharing this terrific photograph! What a nice looking group. Your brother looks like he could have been in the movie "American Graffiti." Uncle Jack's tie is awesome! I am absolutely loving your mother's glasses. And you, my friend, are looking right spiffy. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Re: tterrace Christmas

My favorite is the scene near the end where tterrace's brother learns the true meaning of contrapposto.

One thing that never came back in style

That has to be the skinniest four-in-hand tie I've ever seen.

The Movie

I think Harry Connick Jr should play you in the movie.

My Apologies!

Tterrace, my apologies for not paying better attention. I asked awhile ago what your dad did for a living and I had even seen the grocery store photos. The funny thing is, my dad did the same thing. Keep them coming and my best to you.

Love me some card tree symmetry!

A very merry Christmas to the Tterraces! I can't quite put my finger on why, but I do enjoy your pictures. The captions probably have a lot to do with it--the serendipitous cards enabling card tree symmetry cracked me up. Is your brother annoyed with the picture taking, or just trying to look cool? What's your interpretation there? The pipe is trés chic though!

And Dave, if you ever "find" a picture of tterrace in his Christmas sweater and leading the children's choir, please do share...

[Rummaging, rummaging ... - Dave]

A tterrace Christmas

We watched this every year at my house! My favorite part is where tterrace puts on a sweater and leads the children's choir in a carol medley.

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