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Nick Noir: 1924

New York, December 1924. "Unloading Railway Express car." When the sleigh's in the shop, Santa might have to hijack a truck. 5x7 glass negative. View full size.

New York, December 1924. "Unloading Railway Express car." When the sleigh's in the shop, Santa might have to hijack a truck. 5x7 glass negative. View full size.


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Colorized it

Had a go at colorizing it here. Cheers!

Yes, that is exactly what

Yes, that is exactly what they are doing – delivering the Packard pedal car. Santa and the scary clown are shown in the same outfits here in Wanamaker’s Department Store in New York City.

Merry Christmas

Guy behind Santa:

I just KNOW I'll be blamed for this.

Gallery Addition

Nominate for the Scary Clowns gallery.

[Done! - Dave]

You know that tune?

Magic Mose & his Royal Rockers, featuring "Blind Sam," from 1984, on Arf! Arf! Records?

Edwin and Bettie

The folks at Fark have "unique" minds when they work references to Schrodinger's Cat and the recently departed Bettie Page into their Farking of Shorpy's Christmas photos!

[You'll notice that the uniqueness collapses as soon as you look at the post. - Dave]

Shrod... schreu... scschrod..., That Cat

Presumably you mean the first one, "Dead cat - maybe."

[Izzactly. Catwise that is. The first one when I look is Squashed Santa. - Dave]

That's 'cuz I wasn't paying attention. - tt

Fark! The Herald Angels Sing

Merry Farkmas. Who can spot the entry referencing particle physics and quantum theory?

Auto delivery

Do you suppose that is the Packard pedal car they are unloading?

Back In The Yule S.S.R.

Look over that guy's shoulder--somebody's getting a balalaika this Christmas! Or maybe the instruments were packaged separately from the Russian band members they hired that are in that box.

Man, they had a dreadful flight.

Just Say No To Clowns

I didn't realize how many other people found clowns so creepy. So it's not just me.


I am officially freaked out. What kind of goofball thinks that a delivery man in clown makeup somehow blends with the xmas theme? And I think Santa needs to get back to eating meat, as his vegan (or bourbon) diet has left him looking remarkably un-Santa-like.

Ho No

I'm dreaming of a noir Christmas.

Awfully cold

The guy inside the truck, taking the package from Santa, seems to have a bad case of frostbite. Jack frost has nipped at his nose (and cheeks, and forehead, and...)

Disturbing in so many ways...

I think it's the clown mask on the guy in the back of the truck. Creepy!

Looks like they're loading UP a really bad little boy, possibly for shipment back to the North Pole to work in Santa's Secret Toy Mines until he's "reformed." The fact that there are no air holes is the crate is a bit worrisome ... but poor little Carl was really asking for it.

Sorry, but there were a few kids in my neighborhood growing up whose disappearance would have been an occasion of almost universal delight! (And I suspect every neighborhood has one or two...)

This Santa

I had to chuckle - people are always commenting about how much thinner people are in general in these old pictures. Now I see that even Santa was eating a lower-fat and -sugar diet back then!


Santa's beard is definitely the real thing, but that clown face is the thing of nightmares!

Special delivery

"Quit clowning around! This box of coal is heavy!"


This is one of the creepiest photos I have seen on Shorpy. The evil clown guy on the truck is going to give me nightmares.


The face on the guy helping him load makes me shiver. Nightmare city.

Santa's Little Helper

... is kinda creepy looking.

Santa's little helper

I don't know why but that little clown midget gives me the creeps!

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