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Merry Christmas!

New York, December 1913. "Christmas tree, Madison Square." 8x10 glass negative, G.G. Bain Collection. View full size. Happy holidays from Shorpy!

New York, December 1913. "Christmas tree, Madison Square." 8x10 glass negative, G.G. Bain Collection. View full size. Happy holidays from Shorpy!


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Merry Christmas

Thanks for this and so many wonderful photos. A Happy, healthy and prosperous 2009 to you!

Merry Christmas everyone

Merry Christmas everyone, and thanks to Dave and all the contributors; whether it's pictures, knowledge, and/or great wit - you know who you are. May whatever God you believe in bless you and keep you this year, and always.

Thank you

Thank you, Dave. Merry Christmas to everyone at Shorpy, both posters and those like me who are usually lurkers.

Re: Hoffman House

Your comment about the sign in this photo would still have been interesting and informative, even if you had submitted it as an unregistered guest. I believe that the primary benefit of membership, here, has more to do with sharing vintage photography with those who appreciate it, than it does with "showing support" for the Shorpy crew. Since I have no photos to share, all I can do is greatly admire the contributions of tterrace, delworthio, and so many other members who help make the Shorpy experience the joy that it is. The actual point I wish to make, however, is this: the best way I can think of to REALLY support this wonderful cause is to buy some prints! I've got a wish-list of prints I plan to buy that's getting longer by the week...but THIS piece of work went straight to the top of my list the moment I saw it. The first Anonymous Tipster here "said it all", regarding this photo, as far as I'm concerned!

Merry Christmas

A happy Holiday to all. Looking forward to another year of Shorpy's

All the best

All the best to my friends!!!!

Merry Christmas

Thank you. Merry Christmas, to you Dave and all others.

A Merry Reply

A Merry Christmas To You and Yours and Best Wishes for the New Year. We look forward to yet more great images of time past that, transcending the pages of history, exist forever in the heart of the soul. Thank you, Dave, for Shorpy.

Best Regards, Michael & Steffie


All the best for everyone on the site and thanks!


Merry Christmas all. I am not PC. Thank you Dave and Ken for all you do. I remember our Christmas Trees at home and the only thing different was that my sister insisted on solid blue lights.Wish I had a photo to submit but I think that this was before color film etc.


Merry Christmas

To Dave and all the Shorpy-ites. My frequent visits to Shorpy help me get through the day. Every day there are little gifts here that are great to receive.


I wondered what the cryptic caption and darkened photo were supposed to be! I should have realized the obvious!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you here at Shorpy.

Happy Holidays

Thank you so much for this site, it makes me happy everyday. Shorpy's the gift that keeps on giving.


Just a random guy saying thanks for all the super cool, retro, nostalgic photographs. Your site is the first I check everyday. Merry Christmas.


Thanks for often being the best part of the my day. It's great to always have Shorpy to look forward to. One haven't sent me the Shorpy Plastic Seat Cover (patent pending) for the hysterical comments that crop up. Was hoping to receive it for Xmas Dave!

Have a very Merry Christmas and thanks again.


Colorized or original color?

Oh please, tell us that is it a color photo - they did have color in 1913 didn't they?

Nice tree, thanks!

[Yes, there were various color processes in 1913. But this was a regular black-and-white photograph, with the color added by me. - Dave]

Hoffman House

The vertical sign at the extreme right of the picture belongs to a hotel, Hoffman House, which was at 24th Street & Broadway. It's long gone.
I see that of the first seven commenters who are absolute Shorpy fans, none have registered with the site. I think they should show support and join. There will be no meetings or dues but the Shorpy guys (Dave & Ken) deserve it for all their hard work.

Best wishes to all for a healthy, prosperous and happy Holiday Season.


Could this be an Autochrome image? The National Geographic website describes it like this:

"Invented by two brothers, Auguste and Louis Lumière of France, the Lumière Autochrome (meaning "self-coloring") process was first marketed in 1907. It featured a glass-plate negative evenly covered with a wash of minute grains of potato starch dyed with the basic colors of red, green, and blue. This, the filter mosaic layer, was then covered with a panchromatic emulsion. To make an exposure, the plate was in effect flipped over so that light entered through the back of the plate, filtering through the dyed, transparent potato starch grains until it struck the emulsion. When the plate was developed, the negative silver image was turned into a "pointillist positive" by a reversal process."

[No potatoes were harmed in the making of this picture. - Dave]

Early Christmas

Shorpy is the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks, Dave, for a wonderful year, and a toast for more in 2009!


Not much for the holidays but enjoys Christmas immensely. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Dave and keep on, keepin' on.

Merry Christmas!

My very best to you and yours, Dave. Your site is a daily gift to me, and I'll just continue to enjoy it.

And a Merry Christmas (or whatever's appropriate) to all my fellow Shorpy fans.

Not So Appreciated Since Disney's Wonderful World

Dave, thank you for the gift of COLOR!

Merry Christmas!!

Thank you so much, Dave, for letting me time trip peacefully on the web. On your site I see things that remind me of being a kid and lowers my blood pressure all at the same time. Have a lovely Christmas and a most wonderful New Year.


Some of the most tasteful (and skillful!) colorization I've ever seen. Happy Holidays to all here, and to our Photoshopping friends over at Fark: Eat your hearts out!

Back at You!

Merry Christmas to you as well, Dave! And thank you for such a wonderful Website.

- Clint

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas.

Shorpy has brought me so much joy since I found it. Thank you for such a wonderful, ongoing gift.


Thank You Dave. This Christmas seems more special than ever. So many nice things going on in my world.

Merry Christmas!

Thank you Dave! Merry Christmas!




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