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Me: 1957

Me, approx. age 2 in 1957, Laurel, Mississippi. The Masonite plant looms in the background. View full size.

Me, approx. age 2 in 1957, Laurel, Mississippi. The Masonite plant looms in the background. View full size.

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Been away for awhile

The street name is Garfield in Laurel, MS, I have not drove around that area for yeeears!!

Baby sitting hole

No, I don't think so. the plant made wood products like wood panels. At the time the photo was made, it was the largest employer in Jones county & paid more then the average job. It's now owned by Georgia-Pacific (I think).

Been there!

Great pic. I was digging a hole about the same time across the tracks in West Laurel. Did you dig your way out, too?

Kids and puppies

both have the digging thing going on, don't they? And some never outgrow it. Are you by any chance an archaeologist now? My dogs sure are, LOL.

Chevy Pickup

I recently restored a 1950 three window version of that truck. Fun to drive!

Baby sitting hole

that's what that is, dug by an older sib. You sure were a cute kid, all that curly hair and all. What are you doing now, Brother? Did anyone in your neighborhood have ill effects from close encounter to the Masonite plant, I'm assuming that's chemical not the fraternal Order. I see pics like this and get nostalgic for cracked sidewalks and neighbors sitting on stoops-I want it.

Ah, holes!

When I was a child, I convinced the neighbor kids that we should dig a tunnel from their front yard, under the house, into the back yard (they had a small wall near the street, so we could start our excavations unseen from the house).

We got about halfway under the front lawn before it collapsed on us.

Good times...

Holey Flashback, Bat-man!

Yeah, we were pretty into hole-digging as tots, too.** How good it felt to get out there and get absolutely filthy! Once we discovered the garden hose, the hole became a lake, and we'd float the neighbor kid's green Army men around on rafts. Just like their real-life counterparts, some of them never did make it out of the hole. I've always imagined future archeologists scratching their heads, wondering what to make of little Chuckie Stillwell's lost green Army men.

**Although we were never half so adorable doing it.

Down the Memory-Hole

I still have a vague memory of that hole, for some reason it fascinated me!


You are too cute! You will have to post a current picture for us to compare.

I can remember digging forever as well. We loved the dirt, much to Mom's despair since we were girls and little girls needed to stay clean. This changed as teens when we were required to work in the garden and help stack and split wood.

What a Cutie

My family was walking by the computer as I viewed your pic. They all said, "Awwwwww, what a cutie." almost at the same time. Glad you joined Shorpy to share your pics.

Nice truck

My dad has a 1953 Chevy that looks like the one in the back. His is the five window version.

Like the pic too!

My favorite pastime

When I was about that age I dug a hole in the backyard and played in it every day for the next two or three summers. I dug a little bit every day until it was a nice, cozy bathtub-shaped pit. My mother finally put a stop to the fun when she couldn't see my head above ground from the kitchen window. The hole was filled and I moved on to other things, like ant farms and interesting rocks. The best things in life were free.


... but the Shorpy World wants to know -- were you digging a
hole to China?

Still there?

Are you still there, or have you been torn down and replaced with a new, less ornate kid? Can't find you on Google Street View.

Hole lotta fun

Sometime the simplest joys in life come in small packages. Love the Chevy.

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