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Imperial Wizard: 1925

August 8, 1925. "Dr. H.W. Evans, Imperial Wizard." More from the KKK konklave. National Photo Company Collection glass negative. View full size.

August 8, 1925. "Dr. H.W. Evans, Imperial Wizard." More from the KKK konklave. National Photo Company Collection glass negative. View full size.


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Such a kindly face

If this picture had him standing there in average street clothes, I wouldn't have thought that he was someone that mothers like me would need to protect their children from. There may have been people in the KKK who didn't take part in the horrible, violent practices that the Klan is famous for, but I don't think it is overly judgmental to think that this man would at least not have a problem with some of his friends doing such things.

It's sad, really, in more ways than one.

Your Friendly Dentist

Prior to becoming a paid professional Klansman in 1920, Dr. Evans briefly practiced dentistry, having gone to dental school but failing to graduate with a credential. Dr. Evans was the organizer of the massive Washington parade, which he used to expand his political base among Klan members during a power struggle with older heads of the movement.


Long-time visitor, first-time commenter -- just wanted to say thanks for such an excellent site, and . . . great third tag you've got on this particular photo.

Crisis Cults

I'm thinking that the Klan is somewhat akin to the "crisis cult" phenomenon (theorized by Raoul Weston La Barre, psychoanalytical anthropologist, who spent his last 50 years here in the Bull City of Durham, NC.) The Cargo Cults which developed in the Melanesia during WWII and the Hopi Snake Dance cult from the 19th century American Southwest are two examples. La Barre sees the beginnings of all religions in these cults. I don't know about that.

La Barre's theory is that these cults are "found in societies whose bedrock assumptions break down in the face of the superior strength of foreign cultures impinging on their territory." Sounds a lot like the Klan to me.

I bet he got laughed at

Imagine him swinging by the tavern for a beer.

Nice people

He thought he was a nice guy. Good neighbor, all-around citizen, he just wanted to keep things the way he thought they should be. Boy haven't we come a long way? I don't want to see the human race turn into one homogeneous phenotype either, but I have faith that variety will triumph as it always does.


I hope this is not one of my relatives. It's a common name, but given my slave-owning ancestors and a few other things about my family, I had already wondered about the possibility of KKK involvement for some of them.


At first glance this image made me feel ill. I grew up exposed to this crap and to this day I still don't understand it! Thanks for posting the picture as it reminds me of who I am not!

I'm fascinated by the tassel

I wonder if that flapped around when the wind blew, making him look even more ridiculous.

It amazes me

that ANYONE could take these guys seriously in those ridiculous-looking robes! They obviously never made the "best dressed" lists.

Dr. Evans

What was he Doctor of? Medicine?


Funny how someone so obtuse could have such a pointy head.

Yes we did

change things.


It's OK to have folks like this. That's so we can have something to compare ourselves to, and come out relatively perfect.


Hannah Arendt was right.

Is that

Robert Byrd in the background?

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