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Songbird: 1921

Songbird: 1921

One of three circa 1921 glass negatives in the Bain archive labeled "Orloff." Who can identify this diaphanously draped mystery girl? The photo would have been taken in or around New York. George Grantham Bain Collection. View full size.


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I see

I see one of "the girls" but where is the other? Very pretty photo anyway!

[Here and here. - tterrace]

Ms. Orloff

She was a famous striptease artist -- first name Tayket.

Fina Orloff

Based on this suggestion, I did some sleuthing. I was able to find a passport application from 1921 for an Esfira Umans, "professionally known as Fina Orloff." There's a photo too, but I couldn't really tell if it's the same person. Although there are some similarities in the strong features.

Interestingly, Miss Orloff is one of several young ladies planning a trip to Mexico for "professional business":

Lilian White, professionally known as Lilyan White.
Marie McCabe, professionally known as Marie Dow.
Elizabeth Allen, professionally known as Elizabeth Rohan.
Lillian Rich, no stage name given.

Some of the applications are witnessed by Martin M. Garner. "professionally known as Jack Mason," Manager - Friar's Club - 48th St., NYC. Perhaps the F on Miss Orloff's jersey is for "Friar's"? I also saw a reference to "Jack Mason's NY Rev" (Revue?) on the signature line of one witness.

I then looked up the passport application for Jack Mason/Martin Garner and found one for a Martin Manton Garner, "professionally known as Jack Mason," which is accompanied by a letter from the Franklin Chapman Company to the Secretary of State, Passport Department, requesting assistance in obtaining passports for members of the company who are traveling to Mexico to participate in the Centennial Exposition at invitation of the Mexican Government. The names of the above ladies as well as several other people appear in this letter. So it appears these girls were going to Mexico for legitimate "professional business," although these photos seem to indicate they have less professional occupations! Not sure of the relationship of the Franklin Chapman Company to the Friar's Club.

In any case, not sure if this does much to identify the young lady as Miss Orloff but thought you and some of you readers might find this information interesting.

Thanks for the great site!

"One of"?

"One of three circa 1921 glass negatives in the Bain archive labeled 'Orloff'."

And, ah, where are the other two?

[All in good time. - Dave]

Foy loves Fina

I love you, Fina.

Las vegas

There it is.

"Yikes. Obviously this revealed a bit more than she intended."

I had to go back and look.

Wait a minute


Nice Keets

Reminds me of that great old song by Jud Strunk, "Biggest Parakeets in Town."

After holding them and petting them,
She gets a thrill in letting them
Go swingin' from the ceiling to the ground.
Ask anyone who's seen 'em,
It's hard to choose between 'em
'Cause she's got the biggest parakeets in town!

Orloff Me

You took my sheet,
And my parakeet,
So why not
Take Orloff me?

Wotta hottie!

And just think, she's only around 110 years old now.
Where's my time machine!

It's curtains for Mme. Orloff

Here's an idea. How about you drape yourself in this seductive sheer curtain panel and we'll fasten it closed with a straight pin. Oh, and the granny panties are a perfect touch, baby!

[I think that's a granny girdle. - Dave]


Yikes. Obviously this revealed a bit more than she intended.

It's Elaine!

She used this photo on her Christmas card.

Showgirl Fina Orloff

Since there is a pretty good chance that this young lady was a showgirl, I checked the IBDB. There was a Broadway performer named Fina Orloff who performed in "The Magic Melody."

I bet

those are real.

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