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Let's Do Lunch: 1918

Let's Do Lunch: 1918

Washington, D.C., circa 1918. "U.S. Food Administration." The cafeteria in one of Uncle Sam's new bureaucracies. Harris & Ewing glass negative. View full size.


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Today’s Top 5

Almost Hidden

I looked and looked and thought they were all not super attractive, and then I saw the cutie in the very back row...all by herself back there.


Those hats are not going to look good on anyone!

Cheeky face.

What a cute face and gorgeous eyes on the young lady sitting extreme right.
I hope she serves my table!

Love those hats!

The one seated on the far right looks remarkably coy.

Plus, you gotta love those hats!

Hat Emblem

Can anyone tell what the circular emblem on the front of these hats says (or depicts)?

[It's the Food Administration emblem. - Dave]

The Great-Greatest Generation

Here we are looking at a roomful of great-grandmothers (in my case, born 1962) and all I can think is, Ain't she sweet?


They weren't big on hiring blondes, were they?

Under Construction?

Looks like unfinished sheetrock on the posts and beams... which I don't think existed back in the time.

[Wallboard was first marketed in 1916 by the United States Gypsum Company. - Dave]


There's something a bit nefarious about the expression of the woman standing 9th from the left. It looks as though she's secretly holding the woman sitting in front of her as a hostage!

No heavyweights

Compared to the girls that serve me at the cafe next door to my office, there isn't any of them that look like they would bump in to you as they clean the table next you.

These girls would do well by my tips...

Pretty Pairs!

There are some very pretty girls here, but so many look so much alike! The girl sitting in the very front (middle by the table) and the one sitting second from the left look
like identical twins!

And then I noticed that the other girl seated in the front, at the far right, and the one standing second from the left also look like twins....and the one standing on the far left, looks like she could be a sister to those two!

Wait, the one seated on the left, and the one standing fifth from the left, again look alike! Oh no, the one standing sixth from the left looks like the first pair!

I have to stop looking, I am seeing double, er, triple!

I guess they're all thinking...

Blondes have more fun.

Did she have a cap?

A lot of these girl look like siblings. Also, I wonder what you had to do to be awarded with a hat.

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