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Miss Weeks, Mr. Rowe: 1925

Miss Weeks, Mr. Rowe: 1925

April 10, 1925. Washington, D.C. "Miss Nancy Weeks with Mr. Rowe." National Photo Company Collection glass negative. View full size.


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Modern styles

And our enlightened modern styles are, of course, always restrained and tasteful and flattering and never hilarious at all.

One wishes some folks would get a sense of perspective. The world didn't start turning the day you were born.

She Must Be Hot-Headed

Har har har. That hat looks like a half-cooked bag of Jiffy-Pop.


If you will notice, she is actually wearing boxer's silks and I believe she used to wrestle in the Mid-Atlantic region under the moniker "The Mad Hatter." She had a good streak going until she took the fall in a rigged match to "Flambeau, the Human Apostrophe."

Top this

Move over, Aretha!

Mad Hatters, 1925

Blogojevich & Trump, Ltd.

Watch the bird dog

The photographer must have had a ribeye sticking out of his shirt pocket to get that dog to pose like that. Beautiful.

Pretty girl

She looks wary though. I bet she doesn't like having her picture taken. She just needs to smile a little, and she'd be lovely! The dog is great just as he is.

No fashion plate

For 1925 her clothes and her hair are way out of style. She looks like somebody's granny. Her hair should be bobbed and she should be wearing a cloche. She must be one of those rich girls brought up "proper."

Mr. Rowe's Big Plan

With the eye of determination, Mr. Rowe plotted for how he would free Miss Weeks from that bow named Audrey overtaking her hat and causing her that sad case of brain confusion.

Aretha's Hat

Aretha's hat got lots of coverage, but Miss Weeks' is nicer.

I'll wager that Born40YearsTooLate is no catch; give me Miss Weeks and Mr. Rowe.

Dog Thoughts

You just have to know that the dog would feel compelled to steal the hat and rip it to shreds.

Woof and woof.

What a good-looking dog! Miss Weeks? Not so much.

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