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Bottle Baby: 1965

Bottle Baby: 1965

Remember the baby in Apple of His Eye? Here she is again, seemingly about to ingest something not quite so healthy, this time courtesy her dad. Another one of my friend's family photos that I'm scanning for her, posted with her permission. Again a 126 Instamatic Kodachrome slide. View full size.

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My mom has a picture of me on my sleeping father on the sofa about 1965. I was about the same age and had the same Schlitz bottle. I saw this picture and had to call Mom to say hello. Thanks Shorpy.


What I find interesting is that Pabst relaunched Schlitz as a brand in 2006, with that same cream-and-brick label and what is purported to be the original 1950s recipe. (Dunno about that, but it's damned good cheap beer.)

There is even talk they're going to bring back that bottle shape.


The funny thing is the glee of this baby, who somehow knows that she is probably not supposed to be drinking this but is going to anyway and is having a lot of fun being photographed in this naughty moment!


>> "The beer that made Milwaukee Famous," and at least it's not Blatz.

Blatz was "Milwaukee's finest beer"!

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Tell your friend not to worry, she's in good company. In 1962 my parents made a pic of me, in my stroller, age 2, enjoying a Schlitz. Ah, good times.


My kids play with that Fisher-Price camera today. I believe it's currently sitting on top of the TV.

Keeping it in the family

Just to reiterate, this isn't my family, but a friend's. Not that my own father was a teetotaler. His beer drinking, though, was mostly restricted to a small glass of Burgie (poured from a brown glass quart bottle) at dinnertime, or on a hot summer day to refresh himself after toiling in the garden.

If this was a recent photo

Somebody would be calling DHHS, sending dad to AA, fines galore, etc. tterace you have the BEST member photos on here. Please more contributions!!

How Apropos

I'm currently listening to the Old Time Radio program "Halls of Ivy", starring Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Colman and sponsored by Schlitz.

They tried to give Schlitz snob appeal in the commercials.

Interestingly, though, the tendency of infants to put anything into their mouths fit in perfectly with their 1950 advertising slogan...."I was curious....I tasted it"

Good for kids

Lots of beer companies around the turn of the previous century used to advertise that beer was good for kids. Here's one such advertisement:

Schlitz Beer.............

The beer that made Milwaukee famous made a fool out of me.

"Baby's begged me not to go
So many times before
She said love and happiness
Can't live behind those swinging doors
Now she's gone and I'm to blame
Too late, I finally see
What's Made Milwaukee Famous
Has made a fool out of me."

Lyrics: G.Sutton
Recording: Jerry Lee Lewis

When you're out of Bud

When you're out of Bud, tough Schlitz!

You're My Hero

tterrace, you are my hero. You are from the most all American family I have ever known!

Passed Out

For shame. What a scene of debauchery. Even the doll is passed out drunk on the floor.


At that time, Schlitz was one of the top selling beers in the country. If you recreate this picture today, you'd have the kid holding a bottle of Coors Light or Miller Genuine Draft.

Pabst Brewing holds the rights to the Schlitz name and has re-introduced the beer using the 1960's formula.


"The beer that made Milwaukee Famous," and at least it's not Blatz.


Wow, aqua walls and the pattern on those curtains--scream 60s!!!

I'd also forgotten that shape of beer bottle. Bottoms up, kid!

Betsy Wetsy. I see Betsy

Betsy Wetsy. I see Betsy Wetsy. That's where you are.

Sip away

My father had told me of a German family that lived next door to him in Dallas in the 1920's who made their own beer. Their toddler could be seen "toddling" around the yard with a baby bottle of beer. The tot's father told him that he was raised the same way. Apparently it isn't that rare a phenomenon.

No Thrill by 21

When you get them drinking that young it has no "forbidden fruit" tag attached to it during their curious teen years. Kid was probably a teetotaler by 12.

Two fisted drinker.

A bottle in front of me is better than a frontal labotomy.


Dad never let me have a beer until I was old enough to walk, or a Martini until I'd made my first Holy Communion.

C'mon, Schlitz?

I had a similar photo with my dad when he returned home from his naval air duty in Vietnam but it was a bottle of Ortliebs. Supposedly he didn't drink at all during his tour since they wouldn't get "Uncle Joe's beer" on ship or on land. My picture was destroyed a long time ago; thank you for sharing the fun memory

The Dangers of Drink

It wouldn't be a far fetched question to ask if drinking was involved in her wounded head?

Go for the gusto.

This is thoughtful parenting. A bad dad would have let her drink from a beer can and let her cut her tongue.

Oh Yeah....


Baby's camera

You can just make out the red Fisher Price Instamatic at the bottom of the frame.

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