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Drama Club: 1910

Drama Club: 1910

Circa 1910. "Washington School for Boys." Our second look these young men, and the lovely young women they've become. H&E glass negative. View full size.


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Sort of "normal"

Something about this picture tells me that this was a common, expected, "normal" event at this school in this time period. BRAVO, gentlemen!!

Best laugh of the week

My wife and I were looking at the picture and were startled at how manly some of the women looked. However, I noted that I thought one of them was kind of cute.

... then we read the caption.

Calling Corporal Klinger...>>

...yes, you at the back second from the right. Report to the Colonel immediately!

How lovely to be a woman

I'm so proud of all our lovely ladies.

Almost missed it

What a hoot! Surprising that they managed to keep such ordinary expressions. I could almost have missed the whole charade, but the "lassie" in the top row, third from the left, gives it away. Not a convincing woman at all. On closer inspection, the one in the row right in front of uh, her, could also another visit to the boutique.

The guy on the upper left

looks like a young Herbert Hoover.

On another forum someone found that a yearbook from this school and year is on sale.

Was I drunk?

When I saw them the first time? Or are they just not looking as "convincing" this time around? These "girls" are losing, not gaining ground, I'm afraid. I do like the insouciance of the young Oscar Wilde-type chap sitting on our right front.

Don't even think about it

The gal with the flowered hat here is the guy holding a pistol in the other photo. It would be interesting to know which came first and whether there's any connection.

Corporal Klinger

The second human from the right on the back row looks as if she might have been one of Max's predecessors.

Corsets too!

Talk about suffering in the name of art! The "girls" are wearing corsets! My hat is off to them.

French Maid

Hmm...don't think I'll let that maid turn down my bed tonight.


These guys rock! The one in the middle with the very large flowery hat and the maid on the back row are totally into their roles!

They always told me

Those guys in drama class were very "artistic"

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