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We Are the Champions: 1913

Washington, D.C., 1913. "Technical High School. Football team." Some of the nicest chaps you'd ever want to meet. Harris & Ewing Collection. View full size.

Washington, D.C., 1913. "Technical High School. Football team." Some of the nicest chaps you'd ever want to meet. Harris & Ewing Collection. View full size.


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Technical High School

This was the McKinley Technical High School. The building still stands at 7th and R Streets NW. It's now housing for seniors, and is named the Asbury Dwellings.

The school opened as Technical High School in 1902 and was almost immediately renamed McKinley Technical High School. McKinley moved into a new building in 1928, and this building was transferred into the part of the school system for African American children. It was known as Shaw Junior High School from 1928 to 1977.

These are some other images of the school that you've posted:

Bully for you

More than one of these guys looks like he made life absolute hell for some poor freshman. Particularly Mr. Cro-Magnon in the bow tie.


I don't see any kind of headgear anywhere. Is this before they were even known as "leatherheads?"

[They wouldn't be wearing their headgear for a team portrait. - Dave]

Tech Roster

According to contemporaneous newspaper accounts. The names on the Tech roster are listed below. The newspaper articles don't list separate defensive/offensive lines. Was it the protocol of the day that the same players would play offense and defense?

L.E. - Roberts
L.T. - Boryer
L.G. - Harrison
Center - Gibson
R.G. - Easter
R.T. - Supplee
R.E. - Putnam
Q.B. - Steed
L.H. - Ochsenreiter
R.H. - Hardell
F.B. - Parker

Addition listed names include Fraser, Hart, McCarthy, Gude, White, and Felt

The stars of the team appear to be "Gene" Ochsenreiter, "Jakey" Roberts, Easter & Supplee

Matches on their 1913 schedule:

Episcopal High (Alexandria)
Navy Plebes (Annapolis)
Business High
Army and Navy Preps
Central High
George University Preps
Western High
Eastern High

You on the far right, front row

My heart has melted. Sigh.


Some of these guys seem to be wearing their dress shoes, and the one fellow has no laces in his.

What gets me about group photos....

is how you can look over the group several times, and not see some of the people. You just kind of glance right past them, while some stand out. There are times where you really have to make an effort to make sure you look at each person. The ones you look past would make good spies. They blend.

Also, isn't that Dr. Evil's son second on the left, center row?


Photos like this always make you wonder who these young men were, what became of them, did they survive WWI, and why the folks looking through the glass couldn't make the team.

1913 Static Electricity Tests

You'd act like a nice chap too if every time the group standing in suits behind you took your picture, they jolted you with 6 volts of electricity. Notice almost nobody is smiling, but many of them have hair standing on end. As for the wardens watching from behind the doors, with hats on ...

Original Moptops!

With each of these photos featuring early twentieth century boys, a particular thought always comes to mind. Why were the conservative 50's-60's era parents so aghast by the Beatles "radically long" hairstyles? They saw hair just as long on the childhood photos of their own parents!

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