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Louisita Wood: 1913

Washington, D.C., 1913. "Louisto Wood," it says here. H&E neg. View full size.

Washington, D.C., 1913. "Louisto Wood," it says here. H&E neg. View full size.


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Ugly Commentary

I am glad she is no longer around to see all these ugly comments. The teenage years are not pleasant for most people and I have not met anyone yet, completely pleased with their looks.

As one has already commented that many homely children grow up to become attractive adults and she may have had golden character, too.

Pretty Homely

Ever notice that the beautiful people in school grew up to be less than beautiful adults and that the remarkably plain people turn out to be very attractive adults? Every time I see a pretty child I hear a voice say "oh that poor kid."

I would like to see a picture of Louise at about thirty five years of age.

Louise B. Wood

Her dad we know. Her mother was Louisa Adriana Smith Wood. I imagine the diminutive "Louisita" distinguished her from Mom.

I guess we can also speculate that Louisita was born in Cuba in 1900, while her dad was military governor there. Hence another reason for a Latin-sounding diminutive.

Louisa had two older brothers, Leonard (b. 1892) and Osborn (b. 1897). Louisa was born in 1900, as reported.

The odd thing is that there is no record of marriage, children or death for Louise or for either of her brothers. No Census records came up, either. I'd be interested to know if any of them had descendants. Maybe another reader can tell us. Any of little Louise's relatives out there?

[Louise died of a heart attack in November 1960. More here. - Dave]

90 miles

The N.Y. Times reported that year that Miss Wood "recently took the ninety-mile riding test with her father." Not bad for a 13-year-old.

The family of five is together in Arlington National Cemetery.

Louisita Wood

A bit of digging reveals this to be Louisita Wood, daughter of Major General Leonard Wood, Army chief of staff.

This gal gets around!

Here she is on eBay!

We were all there

Girl and an adolescent one. We all had to go through that 13-14 year old range when parts of the face--especially the nose--grew before the rest. She has a very girly stance and hands that aren't all big when you consider they're gripping something.

And the winner is

My vote: Girl.

Mercy Dictates

That Louisto is a boy. Life for a young lady with such big hands and feet would have been pure hell. He looks like Mark McCain, Chuck Connors's son on the Rifleman TV series.

A clue

The coat buttons up on the woman's side.


I think the horse won the Louisto Wood look-alike contest.

I will now go hide from the lightning bolt and say my mantra: "nothing is sacred as long as it's funny ... nothing is sacred as long as it's funny..."

You're not alone

Don't know if it's a boy, a girl or whatever? The dog doesn't look very sure either.

Pardon my asking...

Is Louisto a boy or a girl? Long hair, but very boy like features and dress. I at first thought the hair was the mane, but it seems the mane on the horse is on the opposite side of the horse's neck.

Louisto Wood


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