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The Old Ball Game: 1925

"World Series, Griffith Stadium, 1925." The headline when it was all over: PIRATES MAKE NATS WALK PLANK. National Photo Co. View full size.

"World Series, Griffith Stadium, 1925." The headline when it was all over: PIRATES MAKE NATS WALK PLANK. National Photo Co. View full size.


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I Wonder

My father was in his early 20s, a big baseball fan, and living in D.C. in 1925. I can't help wondering if he's in the stadium somewhere. We saw many games together at Griffith Stadium in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Somehow Dad became acquainted with Clark Griffith and we'd always stop by his box to say hello. Once he invited us to join him in watching the game and that was a big thrill for me. I still have the scorecard he autographed from the game between the Senators and the Yankees that day.

A good pitcher's park

Look at all that foul territory down the 1B line. Makes for a lot of easy popups that in modern stadiums fall into the crowd.

Besides, Griffith Stadium was 400 feet down the line in left. No easy dingers there.


Nice composition, good depth of field. Tres arty.


No beer at the ballpark - just can't imagine it! Or as cold as it appears, a little flask might have been nice as well.


"Come out to Griffith Stadium this Saturday for our annual Hat Day- the first 50,000 paid admissions will receive your choice of a fedora, porkpie, homburg or Panama. Ladies, we haven't forgotton you- we have a stylish cloche in your choice of black or white. Come early for the best selection! Sponsored by the D.C. Area Haberdashers' Association. Hope to see you there!"

The White Coats

The fellows in white coats (and hats, of course) are highly visible. Are the ushers or vendors?

No Dome

Looks a like a cold October day the way the fans are bundled up. They had nasty weather and had to cancel two games because of heavy rain and when they finally played them the Senators lost the last one and that was the end of that. The new Washington Nationals have replaced The NY Mets as my favorite team. I have to root for the underdog and in that respect there's no second guessing, the Nats are the worst team in baseball.

Hats off to Larry!

I can't see a single person without a hat. Ah, to be a haberdasher in those days. Looks quite brisk, though.

Sea of Fedoras

I wonder if you walked through the gate without a hat if you got arrested.


The hat industry must wish we'd go back to this time period!

Ladies' Day

A lot more women in this picture than the one from Ebbets Field five years earlier. I can see about a dozen clearly in this shot opposed to maybe one at Ebbets. Social changes or differences between Brooklyn and D.C.?


Hats, Hats, and more Hats! The haberdashers were way busy in those days, eh?

One other observation.. it looks like there's no protective net directly behind home plate. Could that be? If so, those musta been the cheap seats.


Timely photo considering the current Pirates-Nats series. Looks as cold at Griffith for this game as it has in recent years with the WS going into November. As a lifelong Pirates fan, I thank you very much for posting this!

Wait'll next century

Oh well, I guess not.

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