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Eight Is Enough: 1924

November 18, 1924. Washington, D.C. "Debutantes of Columbia Hospital Benefit Committee." National Photo Company Collection glass negative. View full size.

November 18, 1924. Washington, D.C. "Debutantes of Columbia Hospital Benefit Committee." National Photo Company Collection glass negative. View full size.


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Water Based Photoshop

Basically the only software that i used to colorize those photos was Photoshop. If you want more information on the techniques i used you can email me at


You have done a fabulous job colorizing this picture and the Canning Club photo. What software do you use? I have been very interested in colorizing old family photos. I really like the look of old b&w photos with some color and would like to be able to create it.

"The color of truth is gray"

It was so much fun colorizing the Canning Club photo that i thought i'd have a go on these ladies amazing costumes .. please enjoy.

[Fantastic! Click for fabulous enlargement. - Dave]

End to End

Bill M, you know what Dorothy Parker said (was it about debutantes in general or Bryn Mawr girls in particular) about if they were laid end to end ... she'd be surprised. Is that you were referring to? In this case (I'm ashamed to say it, as I'm not as bold as Dorothy Parker) I would definitely be surprised!

[I think Dorothy said the opposite -- she wouldn't be a bit surprised. Otherwise, not much of a joke. - Dave]

My Oh My

Lessee, Carmen Miranda, a freckle-faced Arab and a dunce cap, no less. I am at a loss for words on this one. Imagine this scene today.

No Lampshade?

Whatever they had in the punch, it was effective. Especially on the one front row left.

What Jay Saw

I fantasize that these faces were seen on Jay Gatsby's giant patio as jazz laced the Little Egg night.

Deb Cynicism

Pardon my negativity, but I'd like to join Dorothy Parker and other deb-needlers by saying that if you were to change the caption to "Photo by Diane Arbus", it would put a whole new light on this one.

Speak easy, girls

I know it was the Prohibition, but several of these girls look more than a little pie-eyed to me.

Bal de Tete

Washington Post, Nov 28, 1924

Capital Society Events

Interest is growing in the Bal de Tete for the Columbia Hospital to be held at the Willard Tuesday.

Despite that a certain museum will be temporarily depleted of its treasures for the occasion, almost priceless hair ornaments removed from family vaults, heirlooms taken from attics and old trunks redolent with the odor of lavender and moth balls, there is a very close rivalry in the exhibition of all descriptions at Mrs. Hagner's social bureau at the Willard. These creations were made by the debutantes headed by Miss Beatrice McLean, and the proceeds of the sale will be added to the funds for the hospital.

Washington Post, Dec 3, 1924

Bal de Tete at Willard

The bal de tete at the Willard last evening for the benefit of the Columbia hospital fund was not only one of the most successful functions socially, but one of the most colorful of the many charity balls held here in many seasons. Various kinds of headdresses were worn, ranging in type from the simple Dutch cap to great crowns encrusted with reproductions of crown jewels. Graceful and extravagant headdresses of feathers, pearls, gold and silver cloth, were worn with dignity by society matrons, while the debutantes achieved great beauty with Spanish mantillas, bandeaux and other interesting ornamentations.

Who's who

at the Drag Party?

Second row - second from right = John Lennon
First row - second from right = TE Lawrence

Miss front row, 2nd from left.....

"Isn't that a great photo of all of us"?........the other 7..."Grumble, grumble, grumble, grumble........."

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