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Jocks in Socks: 1919

Sept. 20, 1919. "Potomac Boat Club eight." National Photo Co. View full size.

Sept. 20, 1919. "Potomac Boat Club eight." National Photo Co. View full size.


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Ew, please!

I have no problem ogling, then or now - and I can honestly tell you not ONE of them floats my boat! Pun intended. (Well, perhaps #5 - but I've got a thing for blonds). And I ain't no lady, and not shy to tell ya.

Crew shoes, Part 2

To follow up on CGW, shoes must have a 'heel-tie' now, a string attaching the heel to the boat. It lets the shoes flex, but only to a certain point, in case a rower has to pull his feet out quickly.

Crew and Shoes

Back in the old days-- which is to say, up into the mid 1970s or so-- the "shoes" consisted of a wooden "sole" with a metal heel cup and a canvas or leather "upper" which laced up around the ball of the foot. Getting out of this was easy enough if for instance you "caught a crab" (got the oar turned around a stuck in the water) and were thrown out of the boat. In the '70s we starting seeing running shoes attached at the ball of the foot to the sole plate instead. I never rowed much in a boat that used those, so I can't say much for their escape possibilities. Either way we always wore socks, which, getting splashed etc., tended to look just about as bad as these guys' do (except for the fellow with the mustache, who looks as though he has on a pair of Gold Toe dress socks).

Sox Redux

>> you're tying your feet into shoes attached to the boat

I had no idea the shoes were attached to the boat and wonder how many others knew that. Hope they were easy to slip out of in case one had to abandon ship.

Make Mine Middle-Boy

And yes, I'm a female. When you other ladies are through wlth Middle-Boy, please send him to my quarters. I wonder if he's an ancestor of the also-adorable John Linnell of They Might Be Giants, whom he very closely resembles.

Crew Sox

Socks are a necessity for crew, at least nowadays (and presumably back then too, unless the mechanics of strapping oneself into the rowing shell have changed considerably) -- you're tying your feet into shoes attached to the boat, undoubtedly full of smells and mold and other icky things, and then, pushing and pulling the oars, you're anchored only by those shoes! Without the socks, much chafing would occur (actually, it occurs anyway) and who knows what kinds of skin conditions would be picked up!

Oh Brother

>> I am really curious how many of the previous posters ogling these young men are actually women.

Really? You have doubts that those of us saying those men are hot are really women? Seriously? Do you know what year it is? 2009 and women are allowed to have sex drives now and appreciate a fine piece of tail (even if the pic is old).

Why the socks?

There's a reason they're called "crew socks," you know!

Number 3

It's Harold Lloyd!


I am definitely female and can only say, "Give me allll of them. NOW."

Ogling female here

I'll take the the Rudy Valentino lookalike.

I wonder how many of the guys' mothers scolded them over the condition of their socks when they saw the photo. And why did they leave their socks on, anyway?


Yeah I'm with you -- at least lie and stick a name in there besides "Anonymous Tipster". Bleh

I have to ask the obvious

And that is why are they wearing socks?

De Feet

Those socks should be a turnoff for any of the ladies who may be watching.......

Matt Damon

That's who the feller in the very back makes me think of.


Not that it matters -- nor do I have anything against anybody regarding their sexual preference, I am really curious how many of the previous posters ogling these young men are actually women.

Eight is enough

Because "Potomac Boat Club Nine" just didn't have the same ring to it?

[The "eight" are the rowers. Plus the coxswain, with the megaphone. - Dave]

Dorks on a dock

They can't help how awful the uniforms are. Actually, they're all kind of cute; even Mr. Pince-Nez and Mr. Mustache aren't half bad. I agree with the other ladies about Mr. Middle, but since he reminds me a lot of my dad, I can't get excited about him. The fellow on the end looks like he's trying to compete with Rudy Valentino. He wins the trophy for Most Smoldering. Handsome Rakes?

Star material

Love the Superman wannabe costumes. Were there capes?

Interlocking, yes.

But to what extent?


What a fit looking group of guys!


Next-to-Last looks a little uncomfortable with Mr. Dark Eyes behind him.

Middle Boy

He's really the only one who doesn't look like he broke out from some type of facility

I can't decide

I'll take 1, 2 and 5!

To each her own, but--

The boy in the middle is by far the hottest. Wowza!


Now all they need is a boat.

Middle Boy

I want him bathed and brought to my tent at midnight.

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