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Cheek to Cheek: 1950s

Cheek to Cheek: 1950s

At the same party, the dancers from this photo continue their fun. Scanned from a Kodak safety negative. View full size.

Roll reversal

I think this photo is reversed left to right. Shouldn't the buttons on a girl's sweater be on the left side? They're dancing all wrong this way.

Certain moments...

are just exceedingly awkward. From the look on her face (and the corpselike rigidity), I'd say this is one of them.

Re: She is beautiful

I do not know her whereabouts.


They're not leaving room for The Holy Spirit between them!

Mom's photo on the...

... TV set, very likely, rather than console radio. Our 1952-vintage Motorola 21-incher had doors similar to those, along with the cloth-covered speaker compartment below. Clothing and hair styles in all three photos in the set are entirely consistent with the early 1950s.

She is beautiful

and probably still alive. Does she have a name?


She's a doll, and he doesn't know how to lead.

Bet That's Mom

Bet that's Mom's photo on the console radio.

Man, if those closed jungle drapes didn't give ya claustrophobia, nothing would! Two-window set of full-length drapes goes for about $75 in my antique shop.

Although there's a certain amount of retro charm going on here, having lived through this era, I never want to have this be my home decor on a permanent basis.

Let's leave

Looking at the previous photo posted last month of this couple, I'd say she looks like she'd rather be someplace else with him!

Cheek to Cheek

I'm sure they lived a happy and prosperous life, each married to somebody else.

That Doggie on the Window

And I thought poodles were just on skirts.

Dancing with the dork

And doesn't she just look thrilled about it!

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