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The Boys of Summer: 1905

Washington, D.C., circa 1905. "Georgetown Prep baseball team." Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative. View full size.

Washington, D.C., circa 1905. "Georgetown Prep baseball team." Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative. View full size.


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He's the Bee's Knees!

Back row, second from left.

109 --> 119

>> 109? Check your math. - Dave

OK, he'd be 119. Even a southpaw wouldn't last to that age. He'd be retired by now, quite recently, although waiting for the Mets or Orioles to call.

Sorry - can't break the habit of thinking the 2000's are years away, I'm still young, and have a chance with hot young Peggy Lipton.

Team Manager

Guess which one is the manager? I am sure he had a great mind for strategy and stats.

Brotherly Love

Did they tell Mr. Middle-row-second-from-left to put his arm around his buddy, or was that voluntary? Could have been the photog, who also apparently told them to do that cross-armed pose.

Mr. Back-row-second-from-left: How do you do?

Popped Collars

Some of these young men were way ahead of their time in style.

The Lefty

That handsome dude, middle row far left - lefthanded pitchers who can throw strikes can earn a splendiferous living far into their dotage.

He'd be about 109 years old by now. If you check big league rosters, he may still be on one as a situational lefty.

[109? Check your math. - Dave]

Love the Gloves

I must not have paid much attention to the gloves in pictures past. I can't imagine playing ball with the likes of those, but it was done. Amazing.

Cohen, Sitterling & more

Washington Post, March 9, 1906

Georgetown Prep. Team

Encouraging Baseball Outlook for Blue and Gray Youngsters

Although only four members of last year's team are available, the Georgetown Prep. School is highly elated over the prospects of putting a strong baseball team on the field this season. As the Georgetown Varsity candidates have been using the Prep. field for the past week, the Preps have had little opportunity to practice, but as soon as the varsity practice is transferred to Georgetown field the school squad will be called out for regular work in preparation for the fist game of the season on March 30.

Jimmy Cohen, who was a member of the track and baseball squads last year, will captain the team. Besides Cohen, who plays third base; Sitterling, catcher; Mohn, shortstop, and Tierney, left field, will all try for the team again this season. Second base will be contended by Scully, O'Hara, and Cahill, while Fury, Gill, or Pallen will play first. The most prominent of the candidates for the outfield are Brady, Wilson, and Ballargen. One of the greatest losses will be Montgomery, the pitcher who has entered college. Farrell, Martin, Miller, Carrol and O'Connor are pitchers who have come to Georgetown School with good records.

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