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1971: Are We Having Fun Yet?

1971: Are We Having Fun Yet?

August 1971 On vacation again, this time camping with my brother and sister-in-law at Hoopa, California. I'm not sure if my expression reflects my real mood, or if I'm just being a wise guy. Note how I set up this self-timer Kodachrome so that I was the one in focus. View full size.

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Century of Progress

Nice to see the change in America from Civil War band to civilian picnic. It's even more sobering to think we are more than a third of a century past this "modern" land.


Whenever someone sets the timer and jumps into the picture, they often quickly strike this "Oh, I've just been sitting here without moving for at least half an hour" pose. Pretty funny.

Third Wheel

Having been in more than a few similar situations, I am going to guess that it's reflecting your real mood.

Your brother doesn't seem to mind though, which probably speaks to the good nature of all three of you. And your sister-in-law is absolutely lovely.

The decade taste forgot

Gad, we looked that bad in the '70s too. Thanks tterrace for the reassurance.


Are they both wearing the same swimsuit bottoms???

Color my world

Ah, yes...."earth tones" — the color palette '70s humanoids couldn't live without. I accessorized my mustard yellow bedroom with avocado green shag carpeting and a brown bedspread. Forty years later, I'm still depressed.

What? Who? How?

>> Well thank you. But Dave and tterrace are two different people. I am not tterrace. tterrace is not me! - Dave

You mean Shorpy has two captains? I'm so confused.

Anyway, a shout-out to the 1971 hottie with the wristwatch — you know who you are. And to the hottie runner-up, be of good cheer. Your day will come.

[Maybe you were thinking tterrace is Dave's "nice" alter ego. He is in reality one of the many Shorpy members who contribute photos to the site. Also one of the most popular. Click on the contributor's username above any photo to see his or her profile. Shorpy has more than 1,800 registered users. Anyone can sign up and post photos to the Member Gallery. - Dave]

Time in a bottle

To think that sweet little boy from the other pictures turned into this louche lothario ...

Coats of many cultures

That coat on the table, was that your sister-in-law's? It looks Central Asian, maybe Uzbek. I'm asking because "ethnic" and vintage garments were very popular in the Bay Area around 1971, and pretty young women like your sister-in-law looked smashing in them. Your camping photo recalls to me a whole circle of my closest Berkeley friends, most of them from Mill Valley, Dublin (CA), and scenic Hayward.


You just know the tablecloth was her idea. We guys never think of things like that when we go camping, but if my wife goes, it gets packed every time.

Dave, Dave, Dave

Our regular Shorpy commenters are too demure to state the obvious, so allow me:

You're a HOTTIE.

[Well thank you. But Dave and tterrace are two different people. I am not tterrace. tterrace is not me! - Dave]

No. 3

What a sweet-faced, happy looking girl. The couple looks so mellow, and then there's the photographer, fully dressed, wearing a watch. Why so uptight, man?

The Olden Days

So couples in the seventies wore matching bikini bottoms?

It's nice seeing you grow up in photos, tterrace. It's almost like watching a coming-of-age movie piece by piece.

Those were the days my friend

Ah, the summer of '71. I wore a bikini well then, mine was blue with yellow flower power. "Summertime, and the living is easy." A great photo with attached memories for many.

A Doff of the Cap

Those leather hats were the bomb back in the day.

That bikini

I think I owned its twin.

Easy riders

What a difference from the family photo you posted a few days ago -- the 1955 living room scene.

Same concept here -- relaxing with family -- but a complete change in atmosphere, dress, etc.

But ...

Your brother doesn't look a thing like James Taylor.

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