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Summertime Santa: 1956

Summertime Santa: 1956

My dad (6 years old) and his older sister in 1956 at "North Pole Colorado -- Home of Santa's Workshop" at the foot of Pike's Peak. Santa sure looks jolly. Full size.

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Pedal pushers

I believe your aunt was wearing pedal pushers.

North Pole to Santa

Inside the cabin--you've got a lurker!

Where's Mom?

Is that her in the doorway?

Yes ... It's still there!


And if your Dad was there in 1956, that would have been the year the park opened. Great history too: Designed by a former Disney employee, based on what an 8-year old girl said she believed Santa's home and village looked like.

Wake up Santa

He looks a little baked to me. "So kids. Santa can bring you gifts when ... he's flying his reindeer, and go to your house, and give you stuff. Can you leave lots of cookies and milk, can you get me some cookies now kids?"

Still There

I live in Colorado Springs. Santa's Workshop is still there and well attended all year.

North Pole Colorado

What a wonderful picture! I was there just a few years later, in the middle of August, and never got a picture from the trip. Now I have one! Does anyone know if it's still there or when it closed??

Sly Boots

Reminds me of another 1956 Santa.

My kind of Santa

He looks a little bit like Donald Sutherland to me.

Hell's Santas

Santa looks like he'd be more comfy on a Harley. Nice scan of a great photo!

Pedal pushers

Your sister must be my age (b. 1948) because somewhere I have a photo of myself with similar "pedal pushers."

Those are almost "Ed Grimley" pants, Sam! Remember the nerd played by Martin Short on Saturday Night Live about 20 years ago? Suspenders were something Moms bought so they didn't constantly have to tug up their little boys' pants!

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