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Magic Moment: 1960

Magic Moment: 1960

One of my favorite places, the Sonoma Coast south of the mouth of the Russian River, captured by my brother during the golden hour on 35mm Kodacolor. His college friend Bob and me, gazing toward the setting sun. View full size.

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Re: David Lean moment

Hm. Looks like you have your island all picked out, but instead you end up with "Lord of the Flies." Still, it's 1960. Isn't everyone Really Nice in high school?

David Lean moment

If it was a David Lean film, as Francesca suggests, it'd be Hobson's Choice: When summer's over, you can do whatever you like, as long as it's starting high school. Your choice of classes is completely up to you, as long as one of them is gym. You don't have to get undressed in front of other people, as long as you take a shower with them. In gym, if team sports make you feel like a dork, we have team sports.

Fit for a Movie -- by David Lean

That is some epic shot, my friend. Looks like the secret of life is about to dawn on you or something.

My dreams are made of this

Last summer we drove from our home in Alberta to San Francisco via Reno. We took the coastal highway back and I have not been the same since!

I fell in love with the Sonoma area and that beautiful coast and have plans to live there. Until then I have found a new "warm fuzzy" spot. Not quite a year later and I still go back there every night for a visit just before I drift off to sleep. A wonderful photo tterrance!


My Aunt and Uncle live in Jenner and I have been to Goat Rock State Park a million times. The movie "The Third Day" with George Peppard and Elizabeth Ashley had its climactic scenes filmed in the surf there (at Goat Rock). George Peppard and Artie Johnson (!) duke it out on the beach.

I have often opined that I wish I had a nickel for every ad which has been filmed at Goat Rock - mainly automobile commercials - shot with the vehicle coming up the road from the park so the surf and rock formations are the backdrop.

So near

Ugh. At work and that spot is so near. Raised in Sebastopol, currently live in Santa Rosa. Unfortunately I won't be going out there for the long weekend. The holiday idiot factor will just be too high. Yes, the coast has changed.

Stay golden Ponyboy.

Very nice shot. In the distance, you can see the usual summer fog covering the beach. You have found the sliver of sun that managed to break through.

Did you climb Goat Rock on your trip up the coast?

You really had the coast to yourself back then. You could actually build a fire out of driftwood that smelled like no other. Perfect for fending off the chill of the fog. Today you'd get fined for the fire and be arrested for climbing Goat Rock.

En Plein Air

This looks so much like a painting to me, amazing photo.

Could BE yesterday

Not only does it probably FEEL like yesterday to tterrace, but it LOOKS like it could be yesterday. I love these old color photos--especially when the subjects look so modern. Those kids could easily have come out of today. Great stuff.

American Idyll

Ooh, now I'm homesick.
What a perfect picture. Mist coming down, boys touched with the light of sunset.


Golden Boys

Very nice. Does it seem like only yesterday?

Raging rapids

This is along the ocean shore, actually, a few miles south of the river mouth.

That's not the river...

That's the Pacific Ocean there around those rocks (and not Goat Rock either, is it?). The river has a confluence with the Pacific up north of this lovely scene, in Jenner.

Raging beauty

It looks like the river is moving pretty rapidly around those rocks, but the photo has a rather calming effect. It is beautiful, and tterrace is fortunate to have so many wonderful photographs of his childhood. And what a great opportunity to share them.

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