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Cowboy Tricycle: 1963

Cowboy Tricycle: 1963

This picture of my dad was taken on Christmas Day, 1963. I thought it fitting to post this after seeing tterrace's tricycle picture. I guess the whole dressing up like a cowboy and riding tricycles thing was popular for a while. View full size.

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Confusing Tricycles

>> You're confusing Tony W. with bhappel. - Dave

And what's hilarious (to me) is that my father was called Tony (given name Anton) and had the middle initial of "W"!

Your DAD?

Man, that makes me feel really old!

This is


Your Dad in '63

If this is your Dad, He doesn't look much older than you and your brother in the '68 photo.

[You're confusing Tony W. with bhappel. - Dave]


Is that date right for your Dad on a trike? There is the picture of your brother on a bike that says 1968. Love all the photographs you post.

[You are confusing photos posted by two different people. Pay attention, class. - Dave]

'65 Stang

OK, I may not have ever gotten the Big Wheel I wanted but my trike was EXACTLY like this, except red. That 1965 Mustang peddle pedal car I mentioned was this color (Gold), though.

And I had a Stingray with a Banana seat, too, just a couple years later.

Ride 'em cowboy!

Talk about mixed metaphors! Cowboy on a trike? I had a "horse" a few years after this--a green Sting Ray! Sooo, I was a cowgirl with a banana seat.

You dad was a super cute kid!

What A Machine & Look At That Tinsel!!!

I had an old trike that was all metal & had real rubber tires as well; when your little they seemed to weigh a ton! But tterrance don't knock Big Wheels; we would take ours & ride them in the creek- they would FLOAT!!!! I would never have dared to try that with my 1-ton trike and not in the deep parts for sure :-() !!!!

So cute!

What a cute little boy - and I think we had that exact carpet also!

The Right Stuff

Now this is a real tricycle (i.e., like mine): all made out of metal and rubber. I realize the kids of my nephew's generation thought that Big Wheels were the coolest things ever, but to me they were tacky, garish, disposable polyethylene abominations. Not to put too fine a point on it.

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