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Wide Christmas 1920 Colorized

Wide Christmas 1920 Colorized

I enjoy colorizing old photos in my spare time and have been wanting to try colorizing one that is so large all its fine details can be seen. I found this one on Shorpy at a much larger size than this re-sized version and set to work. I don't know whether my color choices for the vintage ornaments are accurate but perhaps this is how the tree looked. The full size version has much better detail but I couldn't upload that. I'm uploading this in hopes it might give you a look at a splendid Christmas past. View full size.

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I have just started colorizing old BW family photos. Your work is very impressive. What software do you use?

Painstaking and time consuming

This must have taken ages to do but the result is superb, I enjoyed looking at this. Wonderful work.

Thanks again!

Thanks! No, I don't have a website exclusively for my colorized photos. I'm upgrading a website I currently have online, but it's not about colorized photos, though a few have appeared there.

I've colorized more than have appeared on this site, but I can't upload them because they don't fit Shorpy's regulations for uploading photos (such, as in my case, old movie stills).

I would attempt to colorize a baseball picture from Shorpy, but I don't know where I would find color photos of the old uniforms. It's more important to get those colors right than any others in the photo. Shorpy does have about half a dozen that are ideal for colorizing, though.

I have a request

Your work is amazing to say the least. Do you have a website with all your work to see? I would love to see you do a baseball picture from the Shorpy collection. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!


This one did take a lot of time. I started it in August and worked on it about once a week. There were times I didn't think I would get it finished by Christmas and that took all the fun out of doing it.

The snow was especially hard to do and it's still not quite right. The thin areas of cotton either had the unacceptable brown tint of the background or stayed white without any of the background color, which gave areas of it a dirty gray look.

Yes, that's a carrot at the top of the tree. I was amazed at how many ornaments were hiding in those branches with only small parts of them revealed. Thanks for your comments.

Great detail work!

You must still be suffering from eye strain after this one... The results are well worth it, though, so congrats! It must have taken forever to do.

You did an especially fantasic job on the "snow" at the base of the tree and on all those ornaments. Is that a carrot near the top of the tree? They appear to have put everything but the kitchen sink on there.

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