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Top Gun: 1938

Top Gun: 1938

January 5, 1938. Westmoreland Hills, Maryland. "Mrs. Albert F. Walker of this town has been declared 1937 women's skeet shooting champion of the country by the National Skeet Shooting Association. The Association has released the averages on which the ratings were based, but one day last year at the Kenwood skeet club, Mrs. Walker set the women's record fall with 99x100 (skeet for 99 birds out of a possible 100). In addition to her national title, she outranks both men and women shooters in the District of Columbia and Maryland." Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative. View full size.


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Allen Elliott Walker Family

I am a cousin to this Walker family -- Albert being a son of Allen Elliott Walker, whose father was Redford Watkinson Walker, whose father was George Washington Walker.

1. Maj. George Washington Walker -- Paymaster, U.S.M.C.
+ Mary Redford Watkinson of Brooklyn, NY
2. Redford Watkinson Walker, Real Estate Broker, attorney
+ Phebe Ann Elliott
3. Allan Elliott Walker, Real Estate & Stock Broker, Mayflower Hotel

I am a descendant of Major George W. Walker and have searched for years for the names of his parents. Would any of you happen to know who they were?

I also found it interesting that Allan Walker was involved with gas stations. My grandfather Charles Carroll Digges moved to the Orlando, Florida, area and in the late 1920s opened a service station. It is my understanding he had the first tire retreading business in Florida. I wonder if he had had any encouragement from his first cousin Allan.

More on Florence Wetherill Walker

Thanks very much for posting this. Florence Campbell Wetherill grew up in Westmoreland County, Virginia, where her family owned a lot of land, which is where she learned to shoot. Her husband, Albert Wilson Walker, pursued a career as a real estate investor and residential developer in Washington, D.C., and surrounding areas. Westmoreland Heights and Westmoreland Circle, in Washington, were among his developments, and he gave them the name Westmoreland in honor of his wife's heritage. Albert and Florence were great friends of my grandparents Francis Winslow & Laura Bryn, my grandfather also being in real estate development in Washington. The Walker daughter grew up with my mother and her sisters, and framed photos of the Walkers still rest on shelves in our family home. Thus it is a great pleasure to see this note on Florence and to see the wonderful photograph of her.

Florence Wetherill Walker

I hate when the only references to a woman are in terms of her husband's name. Her name is Florence Wetherill Walker (maiden name, Florence Campbell Wetherill). She graduated from Gunston Hall in 1927 and married Albert Wilson Walker in 1929. They had one daughter, also named Florence Wetherill Walker.

Washington Post, Jul 17, 1937

Gun Club Honors Mrs. A.W. Walker

As a tribute to the accomplishments of Mrs. A.W. Walker, of Chevy Chase, in winning the all bore skeet championship for Maryland and the District of Columbia against a large field of men, the Towson Gun Club will hold a testimonial shoot tomorrow.

Mrs. Walker is the first woman to become the all bore champion of any State in skeet history.

In the recent State shoot here, she was not content with capturing the ladies championship but entered and won the all bore event with a score of 95 targets out of a possible 100. She equaled George Radabaugh's winning score in the 1936 shoot, which has been the second best in the local gun club's history. The only higher score ever shot for the championship was a perfect mark made by Charles Gillett in 1935.

Sports Illustrated, Jan 19, 1970

Florence Wetherill Walker, who set a national women's skeet-shooting record in 1938, became the first lady chapter president in the 33-year history of Ducks Unlimited when she was elected head of the conservation organization's District of Columbia branch.

Remington 11

It's a Remington Model 11 Sportsman made under the Browning patent. Check out the rolled engraving on the receiver. The Sportsman was a three-shot versus the A-5 being a five-shot.

Pretty Ladies and Guns

Hmmm... What was the connection in those days between pretty ladies and guns?

Pat Laursen, national women's skeet shooting champion, wearing glasses that improve her aim and protect her eyes from flying pieces of pigeon. Photographed by Alfred Eisenstaedt in Akron, Ohio. 1940


Oh yes , looks like a Browning for shure !!! I have my Dad's A-5 from when he was a kid. I'm 52 and it is PRICELESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[52, huh? - Dave]

Two Classy Items

Greaet shot of a great shot. And bonus points to the viewers who identified the A-5 and Cutts. Very cool.

Highs & Lows

Not much has changed since then and even the shooting finger of glove has been removed for more sensitivity the same as they are today. The only major difference is that today shooting a 99X100 would not put you on the podium. Having been an Olympic Skeet shooter I have known many great women champions including Connie Hoyle who was later inducted into San Diego's Hall Of Fame. When Robert Stake and Grits Gresham and I shot skeet together they were both very fond of the old fashioned Cutts compensators as were many skeet shooters in the 50s and indeed they worked very well with paper wad shells.

Remington Browning

When I was a kid (1980s) I used my grandfather's old 16-gauge Remington A5 for quail and dove hunting; it had an adjustable choke at the end of the barrel.

John Moses Browning certainly left his mark on the sporting and military worlds.

Looks like an A-5 with a Cutts compensator

for sure!

I remember when shooting was a family sport

Lots of fun shooting clays, and punching holes in paper plates with a .22!

Strong women

This website shows so many beautiful pictures of really strong women, who are admired for their talents and not their looks. Did something happen after World War II that sent the women's movement backwards? I grew up in the eighties and never had role models like this.

Dick Cheney

Eat your heart out.

She could outshoot me

But I'd love to have the shotgun. Looks like a Browning Auto 5.

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