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Making Pies With Mom: 1955

Life in the Willow Village, Ypsilanti, Michigan, 1955. View full size.

Life in the Willow Village, Ypsilanti, Michigan, 1955. View full size.

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Smiling washing machine

The way she has hung up her potholders on the wall above the jacketed washing machine seems to humanize it to a point! Or, perhaps its a grin meant for youngsters to rethink their plans to fool around with that hand-mangler and arm-buster, also known as a mangle, or wringer!

The first time I saw this, that's the first feature I noticed about the whole thing! Now, I can't look at this picture without seeing that first!

re: Hatching Jacket

Wow, I haven't heard the term "hatching jacket" in ages. My dad, the oldest of 13 children and born in 1943, gently joked that my grandmother single-handedly started the fad!

Dangerous Wringer Washers

I can attest to this. I was a child of the 50's and got my arm caught in the wringer one afternoon when I was 5. I was lucky my uncle had stopped by to see us and he pulled my arm out. That darn thing never caught me again! My mom had warned me to be careful.

Hatching Jacket

My wife always called those maternity tops "hatching jackets" when she wore them in the '50s and '60s.

Another pie in the oven

Yes, Mom is cooking another Baby Boomer in there along with her blueberry pie. That's indeed a maternity top and the elastic stockings and sensible shoes show she has been down the road before. The little blonde alias Big Sister is too cute.

Where's Fang?

I heard a radio interview with Phyllis Diller reminiscing about life as a young housewife in Ypsilanti, while her husband worked at Willow Run.


Thanks for posting this. As a child of the '50's, I really enjoy '50's vintage photos of "homey" scenes like this.

That wringer washer looks evil, though.

Was she pregnant?

Although she appears fit and trim, the style of her blouse reminds of those worn by "expectant" mothers (I don't recall the term "pregnant" being used, but I was a still a youngster).

Attention, all red-blooded androids

Wow- a robot in a see through dress!

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