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The Krusty Krab: 1922

The Krusty Krab: 1922

Washington, D.C., circa 1922. "Wearley's Oyster House, 12th Street." With toothsome fare priced for every purse (Plain Clam Stew 40¢; Milk Clam Stew 45¢). Please Do Not Touch the Turtle. National Photo Company. View full size.


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Sea Turtle Soup

I don't see it on the part of the menu you can see but Turtle soup was a common enough menu item when the trade in sea turtles was still around.

Since tortoise shell (made mainly made from three species of sea turtle, including the Green Sea Turtle) was used for brushes, combs and boxes, etc., you had to do something with the meat.

As well, since the Church did not consider turtle to be a meat, it was often an option for those wanting something other than fish on Friday.

Two of these things are not like the others

A fine selection of seafood both on the menu and on the wall. I especially like the eel-like creature on the right that seems to be quite upset to have gotten stuck trying to swim through the wall. But what are those two taxidermied mammals doing there?

Mind your P's & Q's

Seems strange to see a sign requiring no profane language for this more "proper" time period.

[Evidently it was less proper than we've been led to believe! - Dave]

You would think

that if the owners of this place wanted it photographed at some cost, they would at least shovel up the schmutz on the floor.

Give me some of that effen milk stew!

Can't you read the sign? No stew for you!

Shell collecting

It's obvious that Wearley's has its devoted followers. Those shells on the wall include abalone, which is found on the seacoast of almost every continent *except* the eastern coast of the Atlantic, the Caribbean and the Atlantic coast of South America.

You'd not likely harvest conch in Chesapeake Bay, either.


I'll bet the Krabby Patties are still $3.95. That Mr. Krabs.

That is one stand-up clam bar

Not even a brass rail?

Phone Book

Looks a lot thicker than the one back at the Office.

Gimme That Filet-O-Fish

What if that were you hanging up on that wall?

#*&?! that's a big tortoise head

I mean wow that's a big tortoise head.


Are we at least allowed to say "aw, shucks"? It is, after all, an oyster bar!

Bikini Bottom

Are SpongeBob and Patrick hiding behind the counter?

Its eyes are following me.

I don't know what that hideous thing is supposed to be, but I won't be able to sleep tonight thinking about it. Back in the day, I wouldn't have wanted it watching me eat my clam stew at the Oyster House either.

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