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E Ticket Frenzy: 1963

E Ticket Frenzy: 1963

That's my brother at the right, just teleported in from The Land of Grayscale, beholding The Wonderful World of Color, where even garments have hues. Actually, he's making a fashion statement, otherwise it would be a black tie with a white shirt. If you don't know that, you don't know the early 60s.

Captured on Montgomery Ward slide film, specially formulated to make your vacation memories look like they came from same people who printed those free postcards of the motel available from the rack on the check-in counter.

Eventually, the little boys in tee shirts and shorts grew up to spawn an entire generation of grown men who go around everywhere dressed like that.

I assume everybody knows it's Disneyland. August 1963. View full size.

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Hear, hear, Uncle Scrooge!

Adventureland today.

Although it looks similar to the original, most everything has been replaced. I had to up the saturation on this shot, as it wasn't up to par with the old film version. The sky is not as blue as it once was...

Freezeout At Disney

I was thrown out of Disneyland in about 1966 for having long hair. Actually I was turned around and sent back to the parking lot by a rather large gentleman wearing mouse ears and a sidearm. A Disney goon, if you will. Having related my personal Disney memory I have to say: Another great shot, TTerrace, thanks.

New management

The whole "new management" abomination is only at Diney World. Thankfully, the Disneyland version is still largely unchanged from Walt's day (except for having one instrumental number pulled from the show). The Dole Whips are delicious!

Private party

My wife & I were early computer nerds with the U of C at San Diego about this time. Digital Equipment Co. had its computer user group meetings in Anaheim once a year and rented the entire park. We were all techies and drove the ride operators crazy analyzing the technology and snooping behind the scenes.

Aunt Poly

The woman in the middle with the red hair looks just like my aunt did back then, since they lived about 4 miles from Disneyland and went quite often, it very well could be her!

Tiki Tiki!

The Tiki Room still exists, "under new managment." That irritating cartoon bird from "Aladdin" took over as emcee. Just saw the show last month. Despite the new additions, the whole experience is still extremely charming.

Where we stayed

When our family went in the early '60s, we stayed at the Inn of Tomorrow in Anaheim, which had a "futuristic and outer-space theme" and we were all fascinated and quite taken with the translucent green glass balls (about cantaloupe sized) mounted on all the exterior stair handrails and all along the second level columns. I was told they had to be removed permanently early on because people kept stealing them under cover of darkness. They were quite hypnotic but apparently everybody wanted one as a souvenir and it became too costly.

Are we there yet?

Three days, 22 hours of driving, 1600 miles, we get to Disneyland, and they were still building Frontierland, I wonder if we could still get a discount today?

Polly Want a Tourist?

Several of the kids, and even Older Brother, seem fixated on something above left -- the Parrot? Since the sign at extreme left is announcing the Tiki Room, I imagine it was a talking parrot! (For those too young, the Tiki Room was a roofed garden with dozens of animatronic talking birds)

Keen insight

"Eventually, the little boys in tee shirts and shorts grew up to spawn an entire generation of grown men who go around everywhere dressed like that."

I'd never thought of that. The kids of the 60s really did decide they didn't want to grow up. So that's how we got Casual Fridays and then Casual Workplace and Casual Church and finally Casual Weddings and Casual Funerals...

Watch those snacks

This picture provides an excellent basis for studying the fattening of America over the last 50 years. There is not an obese person to be found.

No more "E" Tickets

I too remember "E" Tickets at Disney World from the 70s. However, upon my recent return with my grandkids, I was surprised to see that neither "E" Tickets nor any other kind still exist these days. You pay one flat admission fee and you're on your own for the attractions. Of course some attractions still have longer waiting lines -- the ones we knew as the old "E"ticket rides!

One time-saving aspect is that you can make up to two "instant" timed attraction reservations daily to let you get on a "short line" and bypass all others.

Barker Bird

Always nice to see a photo featuring the barker bird beckoning visitors to spring for the (nominal) extra admission expense required to visit Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room in 1963. Seems that your brother and several other people are transfixed by Juan's pitch (as voiced by the multi-talented Wally Boag). Good stuff. Thanks!

Disney Tickets

I think I still have some around, mainly A and B types. Gifts from an adult neighbour who went to "the happiest place on earth" to a kid who wanted them for when he went -- but after 45 years still hasn't made it.

Maybe a bit of Brylcreem also

... to complement the gray and white. 1963 was a gray and white year. How else could artists like Nino Temple and April Stevens make the Top 40?

Great photo, great comments. The land of Grayscale? Funny!

Frank Zappa comment on the Land of Grayscale

"Brown shoes don't make it."

It's Totally an E-Ticket Ride!

Not too long ago i told my husband (12 years my junior and born in 1972) that his driving was like an "E" ticket ride. I had to explain it and felt very old at that point. My folks still have a stack of A-E ticket coupons stored away.

(For those that don't know - "E" Tickets were for the very best and fun rides at Disneyland)

Skirt Fan

I always rather liked girls in dresses. Of course I'd have been 22 in '63, so I remember it.

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