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New Family: 1960

This was taken in East L.A. in 1960. That's my aunt on the left; my grandma, who is pregnant with my dad, in the middle; and Grandpa on the right. View full size.

This was taken in East L.A. in 1960. That's my aunt on the left; my grandma, who is pregnant with my dad, in the middle; and Grandpa on the right. View full size.

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Oh, in Montebello that explains it. My intention was to just place the neighborhood having lived in East LA. Digging the picture way lots as I am Oldsmobile man myself (1958 Ninety Eight & 1948 76 Dynamic Cruiser). Thanks for your reply.

East LA

I have lived in East LA on Evergreen, and in the San Fernando Valley. This looks more like the SFV than ELA. The majority of the houses built in ELA are from the early part of the century. Maybe they lived in nearby Whittier where the homes were more modern and the terrain is flatter. Do you know what street this is?

[Tony W., who submitted the photo, replies: "The house was my great grandparents' house which I visited a lot as a kid. They have since passed away but here's the address: 649 Raywood Ave, Montebello Ca, 90640. If you go to Google street view you can see the lawns are still the same." - tterrace]

6-pack before the term was coined!

I have to agree that Grandpa, here, is pretty amazing! I remember seeing men built like him with their shirts off, back in the early 60s, when I was a kid. There were quite a few, really, but that was in North Carolina and the beach was on the Marine Corps base! I didn't realize that most men didn't look like that until a few years later.

Tony's Photography

I find Tony W's photos to be some of the most phenomenal transitions of time I have ever had the pleasure to peruse. I enjoy searching this website and looking to see whatever else this young gentleman has posted for our eyes to devour, digest and interpret. His mix of the past, present and future are so dynamic that he will go on in time and become a notorious dynamite figure in American History. Tony's family should be proud of the way he "puts himself out there"! A brave new world awaits Tony Wisneske, and those that follow will only continue to be awed, dazed and confused, and always leave with that wondrous feeling of "How did he do that"!? Rock on Mr. T.W.


Dang, I'd get pregnant just standing next to that hot hunk of man!


Grandpa is rockin' the chinos and flip flops. Big time.

So Trim

Gramps must've been a demon with the lawnmower. That grass looks like Astroturf.

Standard summer outfit

Your aunt's sun suit must have been the standard in summerwear all over the country in the early 1960s. For a minute I thought that was a picture of me as a kid.

Great people - great time - great picture

Is Grandpa still alive? And if so, what does he say to the echo?

Wholesome Moments

Tony, your photos have a way of capturing the human race. The family in this picture looks so "Donna Reed." On the other hand it does look rather James Dean. The toddler with the sunglasses steals the photo at one point, and the three other people, including your Dad in utero, show the bright summer day and all the colors, the attitude, and Dad's watchful eye on his glasses. The Bermuda grass lends homage to your great grandfather's knowledge of what grows best in So. Cal.

I would love to see more of your pix! Your a fine historian.
Keep up the excellent work.

No junk food = a flat stomach!

I guess there wasn't a lot of junk food back then like today. Everyone looks healthy in the photograph!


Great shot of the entire family, but your Grandpa is worth a third (or fourth or fifth!) look. I remember him from your other photo.

Thank you, Darwin

And Grandpa, thanks for contributing to the gene pool!

I absolutely love her darling little maternity outfit

It sure looks better than the skin-tight t-shirts with herniated belly buttons poking through that we see today.

Six-Pack Abs

Was he brought into such fine shape by the U.S. Army?


Any clothier who sold this guy a shirt should have been put right out of business.

The guys get Shorpy browsing categories like "Bathing Girls" and "Pretty Girls." It's a Man's World, and these hot fellas appear too infrequently for our side.

Cute Grandma

Your aunt is adorable too. But helloooo Grandpa!

If I were Grandma

I'd be hanging onto Grandpa too!

Rebel Without His Clothes

Very James Dean-like.

No Shirt Theory

The story was that many of the people who moved to southern California from the East were really only visiting. They treated it like a vacation, hence the relaxed and casual attire or lack thereof.


It's remind to me our parents ... so sweet.

Changing attitudes

Tony W.'s generation must be the first one to have pictures of their grandparents in shorts or without shirts.

New look for the Olds

Grandpa must have had the Rocket 88 repainted sometime between 1953 and 1960. It was white or of a light color in this black and white photo.

This car was one of the first that could take your breath away from 0 to 60 or if you put the pedal to the metal to pass while doing around 40 mph while it went into passing gear. It had a lot of horses under the hood for its day plus a new improved Hydra-Matic transmission.

I know because I used to go on trips with my grandmother who had one. She loved to prove that she could live up to the image of the old song "The Little Old Lady From Pasadena" even though she actually lived in Fullerton, which is at least 25 miles away.


Can we add Grandpa to the Handsome Rakes gallery? He's distracting me enough to not figure out which make and model that car is!

[1953 Oldsmobile Super 88 Holiday Coupe. - Dave]


Those colors are so bright! Red, White and Blue with some Green! And Grandpa is so handsome. Thanks for sharing.


Grandpa is hot.

Yo, Tony!

How ya' doin'? Grandpa has a tough six-pack there and Grandma is a real "doll." So the aunt is one of their little siblings and your dad hasn't even arrived yet, right? It is amazing that this photo looks so new and vibrant, just goes to prove that the more things change, the more they stay the same. These were happy days we will never see again and I just want to confirm the words to the song "twas so good to be young then" ... a GREAT time in America and California. I Love this picture and can relate to it as a contemporary of your grandparents. The color is particularly beautiful and just a note on Grandpa's flip-flops (which are still in style). They used to cost 44 cents a pair at Long's drugstore. Thanks for this blast from the past, sometimes we have to wonder how time went so fast.


I love that Grandpa doesn't wear too many shirts in his leisure time. Even if Grandpa weren't such a hottie, I'd say that's one good looking family!

Your Grandpa is rad

He looks like he'll knife fight anyone who tries to mess with his family and win.

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