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Gone Fishing: 1952

Gone Fishing: 1952

My father and his guide on the way to their fishing hole on the Lake of the Woods in Ontario. Taken by my grandfather with a 4x5 Speed Graphic around 1952. View full size.

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Neptugian is my Brother

If Neptugian's comments seem to come out of left field with most possibly accurate info, it is because he is my younger brother. He spends more time in the Lake of the Woods area that any of us, and gets to hear all of the amazing hunting, fishing and human interest stories from the locals.

Wayne Paypompee

The guide is a local Ojibwe gent named Paypompee. I believe that his first name was Wayne if my memory of the story told by my father is correct. There are still descendants in the area per the locals.

Possible Names of the Guide

My brothers and sister all agree that the man in the photo is either Smokey Fadden or ____________ Paypompee. Not sure of the first name.


I love this photo. The man on the left looks so much like my dad it made me gasp. My dad was an avid angler as am I, his younger daughter. I am 46 and if my dad were living he'd be 86.


Obviously, the photographer had a wonderful eye and considerable skill. But I can't help noticing (and this is true with almost every photo on Shorpy) that even with primitive lenses, large format rocks. Bigger seems to be better in digital, as well.

Identity of the guide

I am the coordinator of an Aboriginal adult literacy program in Thunder Bay, Ontario, which is a few hours' drive east of Lake of the Woods. Some of my students are from that area, and may even be descendants of the guide in the photo.

Did your father or grandfather ever mention the man's name?

Coke "coolectible"

The Coke cooler your dad is sitting on is probably worth a small fortune today.

Great shot! Dave, can we add these gentlemen to the "Handsome Rakes" category?

Some Kind of Photographer!

Wow, what a great photo. And, can you imagine what it took for
granddad to lug around a Speed Graphic and a case full of the
needed accessories? In a canoe yet!

Thumb kind of fisherman

Anyone who could handle one of those baitcasting reels from the 1950's gets a tip of the hat from me. Using one's thumb against the spool to prevent a ball of knots was something I never mastered.


This looks more like a publicity shot for a movie. Beautiful photo!


This is a great image. Your grandfather was an excellent photographer. The framing, expression, and lighting are fantastic.

Mr. Native Guide

Is more likely Mississauga (Ojibwe) than bronze or mahogany.

Fishing Guide Cool

This gent knows about lots more than fishing while also revealing an attractive and dignified honest-to-goodness man.

Is the guide a bronze casting?

Or perhaps carved from mahogany?

Old-school sportsmen

When Abercrombie & Fitch sold actual sporting goods -- fishing tackle, canoes, waders, creels and such. What would these men think of today's A&F bois?

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