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Let's play LIFE: 1972

Christmas 1972 with my grandpa and his second wife, Marcie. The Roller Derby skates (box on bottom left) had metal wheels with a small gap between them so it was incredibly easy to fall over on any twig or pebble. View full size.

Christmas 1972 with my grandpa and his second wife, Marcie. The Roller Derby skates (box on bottom left) had metal wheels with a small gap between them so it was incredibly easy to fall over on any twig or pebble. View full size.

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Deja Vu all over again

Hey, in thirty or forty years, our classiest togs will cause paroxysms of laughter. They were, no doubt, viewed as trend setters and fashion plates. Oh yeah, the game of life spinner made a mad cool buzzing noise.


My favorite thing about this picture is the word "vino" scrawled across one of the boxes. These two look like they could use a pour - or maybe they had one too many the night before. But it looks to be a prosperous house, judging by the number of empty gift boxes. I hope Gramps and his #2 were happy.

The clothing

Perhaps it's because I didn't live through the '70s but I think they look rather snazzy.

The 70's UGH!

Your stepgrandma doesn't look too happy. Neither does your grandpa. Maybe they hated the 70's as much as I did. I broke my arm skating with metal wheeled rollerskates. Of course, back then no one sued anyone. Well, hardly anyone.

Look what I found!

Those smoked-glass drinking glasses and goblets are Libbey Glass Company's "Tawny Accent" line. I still have my set and still use them daily.

I enjoy examining the photos here at never knows what might turn up in the background of the daily postings.

A new extension cord!

It's just what I wanted! Thanks Mom -- this is the best Christmas EVER!

Doubleknit Memories

Stepgrandma looks all of 19. Is she wearing one of those step-in zip up acrylic robes? My mother had quite a few. I bet his pants and jacket are doubleknit. My dad had tons of those but thankfully not in those colors. They always smelled horrible after an outing on a hot day, especially after a round of golf. Where did the perspiration go? Probably in the shag carpeting.

That '70s Show!

My God,what a display. My dad, who is featured in one of my first slides, was in his mid 40s when this was taken. He went crazy into the leisure suit thing and outfits like Gramps here had.

It was a backlash, I think, from his younger days in the advertising biz, when a white shirt and a black, grey or dark blue suit was regulation.

I also loved the game of LIFE!! I had Life and Monopoly marathons with my pals.

The Forgotten Batman Super-Villain

Blueberry Man.


Those smoked-glass drinking glasses were very high-fashion back in those days.


Your grandparents look so young! Well, maybe I am getting old.

Broadway Joe!

Your grandpa was Joe Namath? Great nostalgic photo.

A cure for nostalgia

Photos like this make me glad the 70's are over. The clothes were awful, the hair styles were awful, there was some good music tho. I notice she does not seem too happy, perhaps nervous?

And now, substituting for Guy And Ralna ...

They look like they're ready to sing a duet for Lawrence Welk's 1972 Christmas program. I rather like their wardrobe's unintentionally patriotic color scheme.

I had those skates!

And I am my next door neighbor skated so much in the small parking lot of the townhouse development where we lived that the blacktop was as smooth as a baby's bottom.

The more we skated the better the skating was!

The 1970s

The era that defined chafing.

The Odds are Good

I'm thinking there's a great probability that Granddaddy was wearing a white leather belt. Super picture, thanks.


This is the kind of photo that makes me glad that I wore a uniform through the '70s and '80s and missed sartorial choices like this.

The fact that I'm colorblind would have resulted in some horrendous color combinations.


She must be all of 45 by now.

By extension

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like an extra-long, heavy-duty extension cord.

I guess by 1972

Grandpa had traded in the Olds, too.

Sartorial Splendor

I have to hand it to any man who could wear that ensemble and look good. I, on the other hand, would look like a Smurf.

Ouch my eyes hurt!!

There is not a natural clothing fiber on either one of these people. Is this the same grandfather with the six pack abs in the other pic??

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