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Miss Tomlin's School: 1926

Miss Tomlin's School: 1926

Washington, D.C., circa 1926. "Miss Tomlin's School." Our second look at this establishment, run by Miss Queenie Ada-Maye Tomlin. Who can tell us about the Panama Canal Zone? National Photo Company glass negative. View full size.


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Over the doorway, those look like they could be used as switches! But on GIRLS?

[That's a window, not a door, and the stuff is most likely rattan or similar material for caning or weaving projects. -tterrace]

Dematerializing girl

Her facial expression suggests a sneeze, or at least a yawn.

Holy Mackerel.

Back row, apparently rocking back and forth making faces. Book sideways on the desk. Deskmate pretending not to notice. It's little slices o' life like this that make Shorpy crunchy with nutritional goodness.

"But Mom all of the other girls have bobbed their hair!"

cried the long haired girl in the back desk when she got home.

"But what did you learn today?" Mother replied.

"We reviewed America's part in carrying the white man's burden. We talked about the Canal Zone. Silly Hannah couldn't find the Philippines, though. She kept thinking it was Peru!"


Bet the students love those shin-smashing shelves on the desks

Bubbles and bumps

What is that blackboard made from, roofing tar and gravel?

Poor Teacher??

What an idiotic comment titled "All over the map"! The ability to multi-task and engage students at their own pace in different parts of a lesson, in this case geography, is the sign of an accomplished teacher.

Asleep in class.

Girl on the far right by the window seems to be asleep, her book is turned totally the wrong way and part of her head seems to be behind the curtain. Also, the teacher doesn't seem that much older than her pupils.

Bob repercussions

The "Lucille Brooks bob" reportedly caused at least one divorce.

Young teacher?

I respectfully beg to differ with the comment in "All over the map" that it's the teacher at the blackboard: I'm pretty sure that is another student as she looks to be of the same age group as the others in the photograph.

Alright, everybody look busy for the photographer!

What exactly was the teacher/student trying to draw on the Extremely Bumpy Chalk Board (aka the EBCB)? Whatever it was supposed to be, I fear she may have had some sort of seizure in the middle of it.

Also, If the student at the map is trying to find the Panama Canal, someone should have told her she was just a tad too far south.

Bobbed hair

I remember my mother telling me what happened when she and her sister cut off their long hair. Grandma and grandpa were furious, they looked like loose women! Then great-grandma came down the stairs, took one look and exclaimed, "It's about time!"

One of the best things about short hair, according to mom, was not having to pull swallowed strands of it out of their mouths after visiting a drinking fountain.

Rough Writer

Is that supposed to be a blackboard? Never have I seen a knobbily one.

Not so bad...

I'm a career teacher in an urban school. What I wouldn't give to step into this classroom and pick up the chalk!

Diamonds in the Rough

The learning environment is awful! How was it possible that the pupils schooled in these surroundings could have put man on the moon? Oh! I know! They had quality teachers and parents who cared about their children's grades.

Statistically speaking

It would seem that only one young lady in eight actually enjoyed being in Miss Tomlin's School.

To bob or not

These girls appear to be the same age as my mother was in 1926. That was the year she decided to bob her waist-length hair. She told me when her father came into the house, he burst into tears when he saw her with her new look. All but two of the girls in this picture have cut their hair. I wonder if there was any drama at home when they did it?

All over the map

Let's see, the teacher is at the blackboard working on the Canal Zone. The girl in the corner is pointing out something in Peru. Girl on the right has her book open to Australia. Poor Teacher.

Ectoplasm 101

Girl in the middle seems to be dematerializing!

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