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Party Balloons: 1939

Party Balloons: 1939

Baltimore, Maryland, April 1939. "Sign on Baltimore Street." 35mm negative by Arthur Rothstein for the Resettlement Administration. View full size.


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Not sure what it says about me

... that my eyes went right past the "liquid latex" (teehee) to settle on the Kewpie dolls in the background!


I'd much rather buy a few of these balloons than take the "Three Days Cure for Men" that was featured here a few weeks ago!

Eww, 144

I know they didn't have TV, but there were other things to do in 1939. Why would you need a GROSS?

A Gross Time

"A fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff," as Slim Pickens said in Dr. Strangelove.

Who would ask for a gross?

I suppose the equivalent today would be the 12 year old boy who asks the pharmacist where he can find the extra-large?

Oh how I want to comment on Dave's "You're getting warm" comment. I shall refrain.


How do you stamp, date and air test a liquid? Liquid latex is usually painted on the body.

[You're getting warm. - Dave]

Party of Two

I think this party involved a rather small crowd.


Ha ha! Thanks for cheering me up, that's funny!

Sounds fishy to me too.

I can't see any reason to 'date' or 'air test' typical latex party supplies. This has to be a euphemism for phophylactics.


Government tested balloons? I'm wondering if this was actually the sort of product that was "intended for the prevention of disease only"!

Nice sign

One of my grandfather's friends was a sign painter. I remember lots of colorful hand painted signs as a kid a various gatherings. You don't see them any more in this day of color printers.

"Every one stamped, dated & air tested"

Stamped? Was that so you could drop one in the mail?

Dated no less

Never seen balloons dated before. Can see where it would be a selling point though.

Still Current

This kind of sign can still be seen in some sections of Baltimore. Probably for different products, though. And for higher prices.

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