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Bonus: 1972

Bonus: 1972

"Woman in kitchen tying her hair." Another of William Gedney's images from 1972 of the Cornett family in Leatherwood, Kentucky. [Link 1] [Link 2]. William Gedney Photographs and Writings Collection, Duke University. View full size.

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Good Teacher

I am so happy to see these pictures. Bill Gedney was one of my teachers at Pratt Institute in the late 1970s. He was a fine teacher with a compassionate eye for the human condition. I haven't seen these photos in quite some time.


Give Thanks

The little plaque hanging over the freezer that says "Give Thanks for something or other", I remember making these in Vacation Bible School back in the 50s.

Shell No-Pest Strip

Haven't seen one of those in many years!

[Didn't No-Pest Strips come in a hanger-box? - Dave]

Prizes in detergent boxes

Yes, now that you mention in, I do remember when some brands of detergent had a towel or something else in them. I remember seeing TV ads for them. My mother only used Cheer, which didn't have that. I don't remember seeing a detergent box with a bonus in it for at least 30 years, though.

I have to tell Dave that posting all of these photos from 1972 is making me feel ancient! I graduated from high school that year!

Bonus, indeed

Does anyone else remember the days when boxes of laundry detergent came with a "bonus" dishtowel, plate or drinking glass? Do any still do that?

Valleydale Swine Lard

What an appetizing product description!

I don't remember their lard, but I do remember their TV commercials featuring dancing cartoon cheerleader pigs singing the Valleydale theme song in a chipmunk-style voice:

"Hooray for Valleydale! Hooray for Valleydale! Hooray for Val-lee-dale! All HAIL, it's VALLEYDALE!"

As I recall, these mostly ran during college football and basketball games.


So what did these folks do for a living?

[When William Gedney first stayed with the family in 1964, Willie Cornett had been laid off from his job at a coal mine. In some of the 1972 photos he's seen in a McBroom Electric Inc. work shirt; one of the sons is shown wearing a hard hat. Maybe we'll hear from some Cornetts. - Dave]

All on the Atkins Diet?

Meat, eggs, lard and water. Svelte City, here we come.

Look Out!

There's a giant rat waiting to pounce from the top of the Hoosier!


I love this photo. Women do this every day, multiple times a day, and yet even in new candid photos, I can't recall having ever seen a photo of someone doing it. Excellent snap by the photographer.

What is it?

What manner of beast is on top of the cabinet? My eyes are not so young and it could be a bag but it sure looks like a giant squirrel. Was it a prize dinner saved for posterity?

[I think it's a paper bag. - Dave]

Already an Antique

Great juxtaposition of the sleek deep-freeze and the Hoosier cabinet (complete with tambour door and enamel worktop). What great shape the latter is in for being ~50 years old.

Homage to the Impressionists

This photo and the one below it ("Chevy Men") remind me of the compositional style -- and subject matter -- of Van Gogh and Degas. Beautiful!

William Gedney

has just gone to the top of my list to study further. Powerful photography.


Great ashtray!

Great photo

Crowded flypaper, a huge freezer, a huge bucket of lard and bottles of what look like distilled (although I doubt it) water. I am going to bet this was taken on a back porch.

[As noted in the caption, this room is the kitchen. - Dave]

Most important appliance

The meat in that freezer is probably 80 percent pork and venison. I bet a very small portion of the pork is domesticated. Might be a lot of wild hogs in that area.

[Probably attracted by all those store-bought eggs. - Dave]

These Gedneys are gold.

Thank you for posting these two jewels. And oh my wouldn't it be so fine if there were more. Again, thank you.

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