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Arcade Garage: 1920

Arcade Garage: 1920

Washington, D.C., 1920. "Arcade Garage, Irving Street." Under the mold and fingerprints, some interesting details. National Photo Company. View full size.


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MY touch-up

I spent some time on this photo, would love some comments on my work.

Person in the window.

There's someone leaning against the second window frame looking out on what's happening below.

I zoomed in as much as possible but it's not very clear.

This photo is a paranormal investigator's dream

There appears to be a man in the window with a left elbow that bends in the wrong direction. Directly under his left arm is the head of a giant rubber duck.

If I might acknowledge the major elephant in the room, there are four ghostly apparitions marching from left to right, which several of the men in the photo appear to be looking directly at. The littlest of these cartoonish ghosts (3rd from the right) resembles Alvin the chipmunk. It clearly has eyes, a nose, a mouth, is wearing a hood and a long shirt with shoes sticking out of the bottom. It is holding the hand of its less defined mother that is walking slightly ahead of it. The figure directly behind it is in the shape of one of Casper's three uncles.

In perfect condition, this photo would not be nearly as entertaining.

I see the gutters

But where are the downspouts?

[Look on the righthand pillar. - Dave]

Lightning gas or Standard gas?

Easy choice there! Fill 'er up with Lightning, young man! I wonder why those jalopies have two license plates.

[One for D.C., one for Maryland. - Dave]

Watch that first step.

The doorway on the second floor of the building in the background interest me greatly. I assume it is used for loading.

Also to the left is that a person in the window or just some weird artefact?


Two gents in white shoes look ethereally out-of-place. Left one appears to be wearing a transparent Pith Helmet.

[That's the rear window of the car behind him. - Dave]

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