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[REV 25-NOV-2014]

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How to Watch TV: 1980

How to Watch TV: 1980

A friend and I engrossed while watching TV at another friend's house. I don't know what was on to get us into this state; then again, maybe it was because those velour shirts were just so darned comfy. These days, of course, with all the excitement provided by big-screen hi-def sets and surround sound, nothing like this ever happens. View full size.

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tterrace, I think I love you

I agree with Traci. Please get yourself an agent or publisher, tterrace.


I don't mind that some people don't care for this picture. So what? Why even find it necessary to respond with more negative comments? We don't all think the same, and shouldn't. Live and let live.

For me personally, most of the pictures on this site are totally captivating. I truly appreciate Dave's hard work to provide us with such interesting glimpses of America's past. Shorpy is truly the best historical picture site on the Web as far as I am concerned.

Please keep up the good work, including tterrace!

Louise, you're scaring me!

Re: the post from Louise about 50 year olds and Devo -- never thought I'd see those two things mentioned in the same sentence. Thanks for reminding me how old we're getting!

tterrace rocks

He could post pics of himself sleeping and I'd find them interesting. Er .. wait.

No, seriously - add me to the fan list for those who can't get enough of his "work." Keep it comin', Ace!

So THIS is what...

The geeky social outcasts did on Friday and Saturday nights while the rest of us were out partying and scoring with chicks on the beach. Hmmmmm. Tired of Mork & Mindy? Can't stay up late enough for Saturday Night Live?

tterrace fanbase!

some comments are upsetting the fans! tterrace gives us nostalgia, while dave supplies the history. its a perfect blend for this website, which is why it ranks above most other blogs:) i only hope that tterrace gets more recognition on radio or TV, cause i would really enjoy to see an interview from this man:)

tterrace is "da bomb"!

He and his photos are the main reason I look at Shorpy on a daily basis! Keep 'em coming tterrace!!!


I like all the photos on shorpy, just some more than others. Aside from from Dave's (of course), tterrace's pics usually tell a tale of some sort, including this one. Unfortunately, the tale this one tells would put me in to a simular slumber!

tterrace, thanks for posting, and keep'em coming!


It's a great picture, what with both slumbering subjects in the same pose. Plus tterrace is showing some skin.

Marginally interesting

Is how I find Jennifer Pennifer. Pffffft! Tterrace on the other hand has provided me many hours of enjoyable viewing and childhood memories.

Just like my house

I see you guys watch TV like my wife sometimes does, eyes wide shut. She insists she's still "listening" though.

Nice photo!

TTerrace is right, falling asleep in front of the tv almost never happens today, television has become so intense, not to mention xbox and stuff like that. This photo captures a little moment of our culture that may never come again. I'm a student of American culture and I like TTerrace's photos because they give us little reminders of things about our past that were really cool. Thanks, TTerrace!

Oh, the drama

Boring snapshot unless you're in it or you're the mother of the guys in it. C'mon, to claim otherwise is a huge stretch. I've got a hundred like it and so does everyone else. That's all JennyPennifer pointed out, and I agree.

Is it worth a debate? Absolutely not. If you don't like it then by all means just move on, but castigating someone for pointing out that it's just a mundane snapshot when that is, in fact, the case?

Maybe in another fifty years or so

These photos will be seen as quaint and interesting. I'm sure if you had shown some of the people the photos taken back one hundred years ago to those alive back then, they'd think them uninteresting and mundane as well. Something like, "Wow! Women walking around in long fluffy dresses, everyone wearing hats, while trying to avoid stepping in horse poop as one crosses the street. Been there, done that."

The Secret

Jennifer Pennifer is actually Lucy Van Pelt.


Tterrace's photos are one of the main reasons I come here. In fact, I enjoy almost every photo I see on Shorpy. Occasionally (seldom, seldom) there will be a photo that doesn't thrill me. Guess what I do? I roll on by it and wait for one that does. Guess I am too lazy to work up much indignation about it.


Self-Awareness Filter obviously not standard equipment on all models. And I don't mean tterrace. We heart tt.


After reading some of the comments I realize these guys are handling it the right way, sleep right through it all.

Perhaps they don't fit in with the rest of the site but it is Dave's site and he can do whatever he wants with it. I'm behind you Dave.

Sweet and Funny

You guys look like twins!! I like the photo. It screams the 80s! But be careful next time. JenniferPennifer might find the next photo "marginally interesting." And we wouldn't want that to happen here because, of course, she's entitled to her opinion...such as it is.

Can't do it

Please all the people all the time.

I also watched that TV Show

It was the infamous BBC three-hour special documentary on moss. I would be inclined to title this "couch potatoes" but then I noticed that the couch was from the sitcom "Rhoda," and should probably be in the Smithsonian. Just FYI, there is currently available on public TV another BBC production with a similar cure for insomnia which is titled "Dirt" (absolutely true). In my opinion, all of tterrace's photography is quite outstanding in depicting slices of real life to which we can all relate and I have liked every single one so far. But, as they say, no one can please everybody all the time so can't we all just get along? As my mom used to say, "That's a nice picture". Thanks for sharing, "t."

Oh, now I see it

@Anonymous Tipster: Excuse me for ignoring the sycophant in the middle of the room. Apparently -- at least according to you -- nobody's allowed to have an opinion on Shorpy until they've "watched" and "learned" to sit down, shut up, take the Kool-Aid by IV drip, and get in lockstep about each and every last photographic offering that drops from the lens of the "beloved" tterrace.

The photograph in question is meritless amongst thousands of pictures on this website that have great -- almost immeasurable -- merit. But that's only my opinion, and I'm nobody.

So, that being the case, am I allowed to have an opinion that differs from everyone else's? Or is one welcome here only if they think and express themselves in a fashion that reflects the herd mentality? Because up until now -- and FYI, I have read thousands of Shorpy comments -- that hasn't been the impression I've gotten.

BTW nothing at Shorpy has to be "about" JennyPennifer, any more than it has to be about "Anonymous Tipster." Just so you know. But at least I can cop to this: never in my entire life have I posted a comment on the Internet using anything but my own identity. You? Not so much.

Those velour shirts

WERE comfy!!! They'll be back!

We didn't need remotes in those days

That's why we had kids!

"Get up and turn it to Channel 5, willya?"

Was It Something In The Water?

What's with the matching mustaches?

I quite agree,Jenny

Thankfully there's not too many of these.

I've seen that look before

My future husband assumed that position (complete with facial hair) almost every night that he watched TV after work. I had to take him out dancing or to the movies to keep him from reclining in that favorite "veg-out" position.

He still does that exact same thing four nights out of seven, except now it's in a leather recliner. A remote control makes it so much easier!

Unfortunately, there are no dance clubs catering to 50-year-olds who like Devo around here, so he won't go dancing anymore. Besides, we have to be up early in the morning.

Have some fun with it babe

Maybe JennyPennifer should post a picture of herself fast asleep on her couch due to the boredom caused by this "less than marginally interesting" photo.

Re: Posed and dreary

I think maybe the new people here may see this picture and not realize that it is part of a much larger whole -- the ouevre of tterrace, if you will. Every week (usually on a weekend) for the past several years, tterrace has been kind enough to share with us his family photographs, which span the better part of the past century. Many of them taken by himself, and all of them digitized by himself, by scanning either prints or negatives or transparencies. A laborious, time-consuming process. Done not just three or four or a dozen times, but for almost 200 photos, which have generated thousands of comments.

So I would say to the new people here, not only are tterrace's photos "marginally interesting," they are compellingly interesting. It would not be a stretch to call them beloved. But first you have to take the time to get to know them. Read the comments. Watch and learn.

Shame on you, Dave!

Didn't you remember that is all about JennyPennifer? How dare you post something that doesn't satisfy her.


Great Scott, what a ... (best left unfinished).

I've seen this at MY house!

However, the couch is dark blue leather and my DH and DSs will fall asleep like this.

I actually fall asleep watching classic moves and doing my nails. Last night, it was "Horse Feathers" and my latest nail job!


Do I see a canned intoxicant on the table near the plant? A few of those and a television set have the same effect on me.

Sweet Dreams?

I don't know what's going through the minds of you two posed sleeping beauties, but I'm thinking a certain woman has burst onto the Shorpy scene in a big way. Me, I like a gal with strong opinions.

I agree with Jenny

I agree with Jenny. This is neither vintage nor high-resolution. I would rather not see this sort of thing on Shorpy. Thanks!

Two peas

You two are falling out of reality in exactly the same way! Hilarious.

Posed and dreary

This isn't what I visit Shorpy to see. If you're going to post a family photo, at least make it marginally interesting.


There's nothing of interest in this photo. Why do tterrace's pictures keep getting posted on this site?

Not sleeping, you we're hypnotized!

By that funky pattern on that sofa!


The art of total relaxation. Turn out the light when you leave, thanks.

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