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Tourist Class: 1906

Tourist Class: 1906

"Unloading cattle from ocean steamer Julia." Traveling steerage circa 1906. 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


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Back somersault?

When I first saw this photo in the thumbnail view, I thought it was a steer doing a back somersault off the side of a ship. Imagine my disappointment when I went to the full size view.


I suppose it really doesn't matter what a fine specimen of an animal this might be if it's destined for the abattoir - nor the means in which it gets there. We are such cold and unfeeling beings at times.

High Tech Ranching

I sure am glad that livestock survived the industrial revolution and they gave up the more efficient way of handling them!

Hemp candycane

What was the reason for the piece of thick rope hanging off the rail just to the cow's left?


This picture wounds my heart.

So inclined

I changed my mind, I want to use the ramp!

Now that's a well hung bull

Sorry, I couldn't think of anything better to say than that.

Sailing Steer's Song

Your love is lifting me higher and higher, than I've ever been lifted before.


What would PETA do?

That certainly looks uncomfortable, I wonder if they broke many necks with that rigging?


Is it possible to get a close up of the fellow on the deck to the right of the cow? He has a panama hat and moustache, an arm akimbo. I'm thinking he is a classic image from that period. Maybe he's Akimbo Tamoroff of Havana.

Jurassic Park Remembered

Makes me wonder a lot how they lower the cattle without horns.


Hanging by the horns? That's just wrong!


Well, there's a graphic example of "Taking the bull by the horns." I would think one might have to be brave and possibly a bit nuts to be around that bull once the rigging comes off of those horns! Operative word should be "RUN!" Great photo.

Maybe, just maybe

they are trying to turn the bovine into a giraffe

Bovine Necktie Party

Yup, there’s more than a few meatpacking borons in Chicago who would like to have seen Upton Sinclair in the same position.

["Borons"? - Dave]

Ops, didn’t have coffee yet before commenting. I should know better.

["Ops"? - Dave]

The dog ate my homework?

I wonder if Bessie

was offered a cardboard framed copy of this photo in the lobby.

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