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Out and About: 1905

Out and About: 1905

Cleveland, Ohio, circa 1905. "Public Square. Lyceum Theatre and Old Stone Church in background; people waiting for streetcar." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


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This gentleman

has been kept waiting entirely too long.

Pennsylvania Lines

The windows spell PENNSYLVANIA LINES; the railroad's logo (a large P atop an interlocking RR on a keystone background) is on the two outermost windows.

Windows On the World

The Pennsylvania Line or Liner Company has windows on the 9th floor front of the American Trust Building advertising their business. However in the heat of the 1905 Cleveland Summer they elected to open some of them at varying levels negating any message they were thinking of sending to the viewing public.


The young girl to the right side with the book in her hand, looking off toward the right and the young man with the flowers look like characters right from the pen of Booth Tarkington. I wonder if they met?

Public Transportation

Some of the dapper people in the first photo are probably still standing in the second waiting for the train.

How to sell more papers

Blow up the streetcar. Crafty lads.

And the fire came down

According to its Web site, the Old Stone Church endured its first fire one hundred years to the day before I was born. What a great picture.

Well turned out

This certainly is a tastefully attired group of people, not a slob in the entire group. Even the newsboys (who were usually relatively poor) are fully and properly dressed.

Odd lines

What are those angular lines on the side of the American Trust building?

[Looks like ductwork. - Dave]


Looks like those boys are planning to blow up the streetcar when it arrives. They probably have done this many other times in their imaginations.

Keith's for Laughs

Anyone know the story behind that sign? (Across the street on the trash bin?)

[Keith's was a national chain of vaudeville theaters. - Dave]

Domestic terrorism!

To the left, a group of young anarchists prepare to inflict mass casualties with a pilfered cannon.

Street View still shows people waiting for public transportation at the exact same spot:

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How not to catch a streetcar

They may be waiting for a streetcar, but the streetcar is waiting on the other side until the guys with that cannon go away.

Ominous cannon

I would like to see what the scene looked like a few minutes later, after the kids fired the cannon!

Are they waiting for the church to open?

They're a pretty serious bunch. I think they could do with a visit from Keith.

Are they waiting for the church to open?

They're a pretty serious bunch. I think they could do with a visit from Keith.

Safe Place

They apparently didn't need a cop in this area with the cannon nearby! I've always heard you didn't lock your doors and people felt safer back then. Now I see why!

Public Square

One of the best spots to spend a warm summer day in downtown Cleveland!
The Old Stone Church was cleaned up back in the late 90's. The rest of the buildings in this pic are long gone (the theater was torn down around 1913).

Hats, etc.

Not a bare head anywhere. Look at the variety in the men's hats. And there's the one woman with the classic hourglass figure on the right.

Looking at the kids crawling over the gun (looks like a Civil War era smooth-bore) reminds me of family trips to Gettysburg, where my brothers and I would crawl over the cannons and try to shoot each other.

And there doesn't seem to be

A bare head in sight.

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