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Between the Grands: 1912

Between the Grands: 1912

Detroit circa 1912. "Pringle Furniture Co., Gratiot Avenue." Establishing shot of the home-furnishings crypt seen here. 8x10 glass negative. View full size.


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Name Change

To answer "jdowling23" question, the Detroit Picture Company (DPC) was already selling furniture and carpets, along with pictures and frames, when the name was changed circa 1910. Two of the DPC owners, James and David Pringle, likely promoted the name change to Pringle Furniture Company to more accurately reflect the nature of their business. In 1955 the store changed names again to Harrison & Pringle.

Wickah First Floor!

Based on the fact that the only windows with awnings is first floor, that's where the wicker was (awnings visible through the hideous blinds).

The Sally Ann is next door and offers a free day nursery.

I also like the way that the Grand Union Tea Company has diversified and sells tea -- and soap.

You liked our pictures, you'll love our furniture!

So the company that took this photo went into the furniture business? I wonder why they needed to point out the connection? I don't think there would be much customer carry-over.

Just Curious

If I am reading the signage correctly, the Pringle Furniture Company was formerly the Detroit Picture Company. Did they sell works of art such as framed paintings or photographs? Was there any connection between this Detroit Picture Company and the Detroit Pictures (DPC), the Library of Congress source, for so many great Shorpy pictures?

[DPC is the Detroit Publishing Company. - Dave]

OK, the other thing I wanted to know is why these guys decided to go into the fake potato chip business?

No badgering, pestering or harassing

I never liked to be importuned at a car dealership. I might have said something like "if your salesmen keep importuning me I'll take my business down the street." I will use this word 4 times today and add it to my vocabulary.

Gratiot Avenue

First time I was in Detroit and was being driven down Gratiot Avenue, I asked the driver how it was pronounced. He replied, "Think of these two words, grass and shut. Now say them fast! Very very fast, eventually dropping the two esses from grass.

Never Importuned to Buy

The Social Secretary of Detroit, 1922.

Art and Utility are blended admirably in the creations of the master period designers whose noteworthy achievements are represented in furniture for every room in your home found on our display floors.

Our sixty-five display rooms show the various types of furniture in the proper setting which greatly simplifies selection. Here you are never importuned to buy.

Pringle Furniture Co.

431 Gratiot Avenue
One and one-half blocks from Broadway

Still there!

Looks a little lonely on the block. Perhaps some new buildings will come around soon to keep it company!

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