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Labor Day: 1900

Labor Day: 1900

Buffalo, New York, 1900. "Labor Day parade crowd, Main Street." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


Gives me the willies!

The man standing casually outside the building on the second or third floor gives me the heebie jeebies! Just thinking about him out there with no safety rail or anything else is creepy.

Revive the Economy!

If everybody today started buying and wearing hats like almost everyone did in that photo, we could put thousands of hat makers back to work!

Western Savings Bank

Do you think they knew the one flag is upside down (is it still a distress symbol in this context?)?

It's The LAW

I notice that the majority of females are getting their last gasp of white clothes worn lest Serial Mom come after them the next day.

I guess this answers my question

I was wondering to myself just this morning if there ever was such a thing as a Labor Day parade anywhere at any time. And here it is. This is a cool picture. Seems like it was a pretty big thing back in the day, too.

[It is a big crowd, but this isn't the parade. -Dave]

What's wrong with this picture

If this indeed a march of the working man, this is the part where the foremen, employers, white collar people and school teaches marched. The crowd is way too well dressed. Where are the stevedores, the bargemen, the mill workers. This is right out of the movie "Easter Parade." I think I can see Fred Astaire & Judy Garland.

Felt Hat Day

Back when men wore hats all of the time, I had a secretary who moonlighted in the menswear department of a department store. She referred to Labor Day as "felt hat day" and Memorial Day as "straw hat day."

Last Day for the Boaters

It's likely that all those summery straw hats are living their last day of glory before somber bowlers are donned in their place. In the Eastern US at this time, it was common for boaters to be worn only from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

It's a Tradition

The annual street car parade through downtown Buffalo.
"All Aboard!"

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