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Chop Suey Canyon: 1916

Detroit, 1916. "Park Boulevard canyon." A tip of the Shorpy hat (Department of Belated Publicity) to Dr. Bertha J. Gaylord, chiropractor. 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.

Detroit, 1916. "Park Boulevard canyon." A tip of the Shorpy hat (Department of Belated Publicity) to Dr. Bertha J. Gaylord, chiropractor. 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


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The Doctor and the Hotel

According to the Detroit City Dirctory of 1915 Dr. Gaylord's address was 61 Park Blvd. which was also her home. By 1918 she had moved to 65 Traugott (Schmidt Bldg), Room 73.

The Hotel Charlevoix is located in the Park Avenue Historic District and cannot be demolished without proper approval. As of June 2012 permission for demolishing the structure has been denied. More information and photos of this building are here.

Update on January 6, 2018: Sadly the Hotel Charlevoix was demolished on June 23, 2013. Info at the link above.

On the Street

The line of cars on the left starts out with a 1914 - 1916 Buick followed by a 1914 - 1916 Studebaker.

Note also the lack of parking meters and stop lights or stop signs.

The street light over the road is very interesting in that it has a device to lower it down to either light it or change the bulb.


I am always amazed at the amount of garbage in the streets. You hear about the lack of respect in today's world but the trash in the streets says a lot about yesterday too!

K-Mart's early days

Interesting rear view of the Kales Building, the first headquarters for Kresge Company.

Dr. Bertha J. Gaylord

Thanks to Shorpy, now the chiropractor of choice for discerning time travelers everywhen and everywhere.

Chop Suey Exposed!

"Chop Suey" isn't really a Chinese dish at all, it's something that was created in America. And its makeup varies: here in New England, it's usually some kind of macaroni, tomato and cheese dish.

Chop Suey Days

It seems that for my parents' generation, and earlier, Chinese food meant chop suey. And during the past half century or so that dish has gone entirely out of style (deservedly, in my opinion) --people order everything else on the Chinese menu. Is my impression correct?

Night Lunch Wagon

Just beyond the old house is a horse-drawn lunch wagon, the precursor to the American diner. A similar wagon is on display at the Henry Ford Museum. Elsewhere on Shorpy: The Ol' Lunch Wagon.

Nowhere to go but Up!

Later that year, lifted by 20,622 helium balloons, the small frame house was moved from its spot on Park Boulevard to a more scenic lot at the top of a South American cataract.

Re: Tuller Tales

Now ...
We're sitting tight on our chairs and listening !
What did your grandfather see ?

Failed DIY Auto Repair?

Looks like a bent C-clamp and the remains of some part or repair material in the road, just to the left rear of the car parked near Dr. Bertha's sign.

Potential havoc seems to be awaiting some unsuspecting Goodyear, and its driver might even bring some business to the good doctor.


Please tell me that's not the grandfather of the Pinto in the foreground.

No place like home!

I like the old frame house tucked away in the midst of the "canyon." Wonder how much longer they were able to hold out?

Oh, my aching --

Cool picture. I like the sign in the lower right. After picking up all that litter, one might need to visit Bertha for some relief.

Tuller Hotel

My grandfather was a window washer in the late 1930s at the Tuller Hotel. The stories he told of acts he saw through the windows would knock you off your chair.

These days, I spend a lot my free time at the Park Bar directly across from the old Charlevoix Hotel.

Nothing but a parking lot these days

The doctor's office is nothing but an ugly parking lot these days. As for the Charlevoix Hotel, it's still there, but it's been empty since the mid '80s. The Charlevoix was intended to be an office building. Instead, it was a hotel at first but only for about 10 years. It also spent a short time as an apartment building before being turned into a commercial building for various companies and unions in 1922.

The hotel was never one of Detroit's glamorous spots, offering a cheaper alternative to the top hotels of Grand Circus Park: The Hotel Tuller and the Hotel Statler.

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Neatness Counts

Dr. Bertha should get on someone's case about cleaning up the front lawn.

Dorothy transplant

I wonder if the gal on the porch is thinking, "I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

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