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Ass Baskets: 1906

Ass Baskets: 1906

Petoskey, Michigan, circa 1906. "The midway." As the precious days of one's sojourn in Petoskey dwindle to their final hours, keep the magic alive with a unique souvenir. 8x10 inch glass negative, Detroit Publishing Co. View full size.


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Sweet Grass Baskets

In case someone really wants to know what it says.

Thank you, Dave.

I was having a bad day until I read this title. Sorry Dee, the heathen in me thought it was hilarious.

Found on eBay

Item 130585349753. You reckon it was engraved by this fellow?


Just to clear things up: Ass Baskets were undoubtedly a local favorite delicacy at the time. And just like the signs that encourage us to ENJOY COCA-COLA or DRINK DIET PEPSI, the proprietor of the store selling Ass Baskets has put up a sign: EET ASS BASKETS. The misspelling of the word EAT is unfortunate but, seeing as how the message still got thru, the owners probably decided not to spend the extra money to fix the spelling of the sign.

Stick with me, Dave. I gotta million of 'em.

You know the old saying about a handbasket?

If my week is going to hell, let it be in an ass basket!


This picture was taken at an interesting time in the history of postcards in the U.S. At this point, messages were only permitted to be written on the front of postcards - which is why so many of these have a wide margin or blank area on the front. The next year, this law was changed and messages and address could both be written on the back.

re: The Card Rack

Even more mirth-provoking, given the theme of posterior humor, is this one at the lower left corner:

I'm inclined to notice

The engraver has a leveler under the far table leg.

The Card Rack

Click to enlarge. One popular selection is the classic thigh-slapper "Make Hay While the Sun Shines."

I reckon those baskets

would be easy to "haul"!

Truncated Signs

Goes one better than the roadside neon sign seen here in the 1970s that had lost its "G" in "Gas and Eat".

Donkey Fancier

A friend of mine, a quite conservative lady, loves to bring her white donkey to our mountain man gatherings. She takes great delight inviting us to admire her "fine white ass."

GE Fan

He's running his engraver with either a 1899 or 1900 GE "pancake" fan.

Buttocks Baskets

When I saw the title of this picture, I thought you were referring to the name of the ass-shaped buttocks baskets that my neighbor collects. There really is such a thing.


Dave we have enough profanity in the world so please stop adding to it. Thanks.

[That goes double for inanity. Thanks. - Dave]

Sweet Grass

I'm not used to sweet grass in Michigan, but it remains a fairly big deal on the northern prairies. Would have been a nice souvenir, however, and smelled good for a few years.

Do they have any "mirthday" cards?

Wow - I'm still laughing. Good way to end the day with a chuckle. The lady in the middle looking up is thinking: "nobody is getting my ass in a basket!" and the guy leaning on the left side with a bundle under his arm is Milburn Stone (Doc from Gunsmoke). He didn't even need to do much time traveling to be there either.

At least you didn't title this

"Eet ass baskets"!

The Indian postcards are really cool though. Cannot figure out what the items are for sale on the table.

[An assortment of mugs and cups, suitable for engraving. - Dave]

Google first

Dave, I think you maybe should have Googled that term before posting it. LOL.

[Oh, I don't need to Google it. - Dave]

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