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This Way to Kloskys: 1910

Mobile, Alabama, circa 1910. "Royal Street looking north." Points of interest include a lineman up a pole and the fickle finger of retail. View full size.

Mobile, Alabama, circa 1910. "Royal Street looking north." Points of interest include a lineman up a pole and the fickle finger of retail. View full size.


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Rooftop Tower Mystery

I"m curious about the tower structure on top of the building in the distant center. Can't be radio, not in 1910. Any ideas?

[There were lots of radio masts in 1910, especially in coastal cities. Wireless telegraphy was widely used in shipping. - Dave]

The fella on the pole better

The fella on the pole better watch out on the way down, that cable is in a bad place!

The woman with the 12 pound hat

Is she waiting for the light to change before crossing? it may be a while until crossing lights are invented. Or is she afraid of the mob of males across the street.

I spot at least two, perhaps

I spot at least two, perhaps three women: two on the left under the hat cleaning sign; and one in the distance crossing the road ahead of a buggy (in a white skirt and holding her hat, maybe).


There are mailboxes on both side of the street. Today you are lucky to find a mailbox anywhere near where you are.

UCV 20th Reunion and Meeting

Towards the end of April 1910, perhaps, considering the bunting and the partially legible sign on the Windsor Hotel on the right side of the photo. The 20th Reunion and Meeting of the United Confederate Veterans was held in Mobile from April 26-28, 1910. The Jones M. Withers Camp of the UCV was located in Mobile. That would fit the sign, the visible part of which identifies it as the Headquarters of "-ther's Camp" (setting aside an error in the placement of the apostrophe).

The lone woman?

I can only see one female in this photo. Not counting if the horse is a mare. And she looks like she could kick most of these guys across the street if she wanted to.

The pole climber

probably left his hardhat downstairs at AHC for cleaning--or a 5¢ shine.

The lady below him has better head protection.

A Question Of Grammar

Shouldn't the plural of Klosky be Kloskies, or is to really Klosky's?

[Klosky's is possessive, not plural. "Is to"? -Dave]
My question really became scrambled when I mistyped "to" instead of "it."
But you got me again, fair and square, Dave.
I do agree, Klosky's is possessive.
(I've given myself a headache.)

For All the Hustle and Bustle

it's interesting how many men seem to be in no particular hurry. On the left two are looking up the street, maybe at the approaching motor car. Two are hanging on the corner. And across the street, two guys gabbing on the sidewalk, and five more doing the same in the intersection. The era? The South? Both?

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